BOOM- Bygones Be Bygones


Back in the 1960s we had a TV program in the UK called The Good Old Days. My Dad liked to watch it but I absolutely hated it. People dressed like Victorian Londoners and the artist performed music-hall skits. Those days may have been good but only if you looked at them with romantic rose tinted glasses.

This came to mind today as we passed a beautiful old Church about a mile from our home. It’s as old as the town itself with the first building dating from 1810.


Last Friday when we were coming back from the shops we saw a whole class of little kids stomping around the graveyard. It was cold and wet and miserable.

Today we saw another group doing the same thing under beautiful blue skies.

Just the luck of the draw on the weather but will the kids remember their field trip differently if they were frozen or roasting?


Aaron did this same trip as a fourth grader just as all the local elementary school kids do.

They  get to dress in keeping with the era. Aaron’s nineteenth century gear if truth be told was a Jack Sparrow costume pretending to be George Washington! I’d bought it at the Disney Store on a business trip to NYNY some time before and it served for Christmas and several Halloweens. Man that was such a good investment!


Anyway, today when we saw the kids waltzing around the Church yard Krishna and I talked about all they learn on the trip.

They’d learn about the work people did and maybe do a little bit too!

They’d face the facts that back in the day children were lucky if they went to school for a few years. They’d find that the average life span was much shorter and that infections we treat as nothing today could kill.

They’d also learn the names that were common in the area at the time and where the founders of the district came from. They’d find out what the people ate that they’d hunt and grow a lot of their own food and fish in the river and draw water from a well.

Might be fun to dress up and pretend but good lesson learned that we have so much to be thankful for today.

Blessing # 338 – Things we take for granted

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