BOOM – Booming!


Today is a big day for Banter. This is Blessing #365.

It has been easy some days to find a blessing on others there has been a need to dig a little deeper.

Quite honestly at the beginning it was just a bit of fun. Progressively it became more of a mission to see if a full year could be achieved.

There is no real focus to the Blog apart from finding a blessing. Maybe that’s enough!

What’s your opinion? Is that the way to go on or is it better to find something more specific to concentrate on?


Maybe the funniest event of the day? Maybe the progress at the store and the cutest little finds.


Let me know please what you think and what you like best. Variety or one theme?

The exercise has certainly kept me on the look out for things to talk about and trying to find a Blessing beginning with B has been even more interesting.

Should I stick with B or should I move to another letter?


Z might be a good one. That should be a mental workout and a half. We might even get a little Zingiber!

Blessing # 365 – Hitting the Target

7 Replies to “BOOM – Booming!”

  1. I really appreciate the blessings! For many years, I journalled daily. My primary purpose was to look back at the end of the day and see where and how I had experienced God. It was not always a celebration. Sometimes it was humbling, even painful, but it was a good discipline. I was very busy during those years with work and parenting. There were many challenges! At some point, I no longer felt the need to journal daily. I stopped. Now it is intermittent. Follow your “gut”; the Holy Spirit seems to reside there. In the meantime, thank you for what you have shared these 365 days.


  2. I can’t thank you enough for the positive attitude and gratitude that exudes from each day’s effort that you have shared. As they say, Gratitude is the Attitude. Life is so variegated that a second year of Blessing hunting is quite possible. Keep on sharing these Blessings.


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