BOOM – Barre Burn

artist ballerina ballet ballet dancer

Many girls dream of being a Ballerina.  Not me. Not for a single moment.

The Tutu was more likely the feature of  a nightmare.

The willowy ballerina didn’t fit with the figure my Mum described as a Mullingar Heffer. These Irish beast are renowned for having “Beef to The Ankles”

So today it was fun to go to a class at the gym called Barre Burn. My friends had been going for sometime but I’d resisted the temptation of the Plie and Arabesque.

Well it was great. Very enjoyable and for sure I’ll be back although there is a fair chance with all those movements that tomorrow I’ll feel like dying !!!!

Blessing # 97 – Swanning Around

BOOM – Barstools

We have been on the hunt for bar stools for our kitchen for months.

We have seen many, some at popular stores, others on line and at tag sales but nothing was quite right.

This weekend we struck gold at a garage sale and bagged these beauties for only $60 for the three.

They are in perfect condition and a great match with the kitchen.

Just goes to show that sometimes it pays to wait!

Blessing # 96 – Finding What You’re Looking For

BOOM – Be Buoyant


Yesterday this post by Oleg Visnepolsky was on Linked In.

It is a powerful message and it made me think of my Mother.

As you will have realized by now my Mother was a wise woman.

Among her many pieces of advice was that if someone or something is annoying “let whatever it is run off you like water off a ducks back”

Oleg’s post and my Mother’s wisdom begs the question what is it that builds impermeability?

Many things come to mind like the strength that bonds to family and friendship bring. Another is experience and knowing how to respond rather than react.

Most important perhaps is knowing that there is not just one ship that can sail.

We can always choose a different boat and steer a different course.

Blessing # 95 – Building Resilience

BOOM – Boomerang


With a teenager in the house it’s tempting to try to understand the latest social media trends.

This is not my forte and for sure I’m years behind most people.

Aaron set me up on Instagram when we were on vacation. Only now is it starting to dawn on me how this works.

One recent discovery has been BOOMERANG that transforms the worst selfie into a cute little face. It put lots of gloss on and takes about thirty years off.

Loving having some fun with this. Sure helps me understand why today’s technology is so addictive.

It’s all a bit like a Fairy Tale with little pointy chinned critters popping up that bear a very slight resemblance to a more witch like woman!!!!!

Blessing # 94 – Friday Feeling Young & Funny

BOOM – Biao Biao


This morning on NBC TODAY, host Hoda Kotb covered a beautiful story.

Hoda interviewed Muriel Bowser the Mayor of Washington DC who has recently adopted a baby girl.

Muriel shared her story of how this little baby has made her very successful and happy life complete.

Muriel explained how Hoda, who recently adopted a little girl herself, had inspired her.

Hoda in turn said that the actress Sandra Bullock who adopted a little boy had been her inspiration.

No doubt someone inspired Sandra and so on.

All this brought back memories of another Sandra that Krishna and I met when we arrived in Shanghai in 2001.

Our Sandra (Sandy) was a teacher at the US School and lived in the same complex as us.

We quickly became friends and Sandy shared that she, like many of the teachers, volunteered at the Shanghai Children’s Home. We decided to volunteer too.

Soon after Sandy told us she had filed all her papers and was planning to adopt a little baby. Sure enough about a year later her little girl came home.

Sandy was a single Mom in her forties like Muriel Bowser is today.

She was our inspiration. We filed our papers in June 2002 and in April  2003 we received the biggest blessing ever this photo from the Childrens Home introducing us to our very own Zhang Ming Biao aka as Biao Biao and now known as Aaron.

Blessing # 93 – Finding our Families

BOOM – Birch Beer & Butter Blocks

We are fortunate to live close to a Dutch Amish Community and to many great local farms.

The produce, baked goods, and deli selection that can be found at these stores and farm outlets is exceptional.

There are also some unusual items like Birch Beer that we haven’t tried yet, pickles , jams and huge blocks of butter.

Yesterday we had a bonanza shop at The Chesse Barn and at Yutzy Farm Market getting wonderful ham, salami, bacon, cheese and farm fresh zucchini and apples.

So yummy and such a shopping experience. It is really like taking a step back in time to the days of what’s in season and slicing fresh.

Blessing # 92 – Lovely Locals

BOOM – Beauty in a Big Brown Bag

04585C97-ED3F-49B5-BA10-92CB2059DF0D.jpegOne of my Mother’s favorite sayings was “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

She used this phrase most often when she didn’t like or approve of an item of clothing I’d just bought.

The phrase was also used now and then when I brought a boy home that she thought was not for me!!!

On our bargain hunt this weekend we came across a cute little sign at the front door of one house. The message is clear love sees the best.

We didn’t buy the sign but we did buy the Boy with Bunnies at this house.

At the next house we arrived just in time for a big brown bag sale. Here the deal was to pay $5 for the bag and then stuff it till it’s ready to burst with items up for sale.

We LOVE this thrill and we found much BEAUTY to stuff in the bag including a lovely old hot chocolate pot.

When we got home we found from a stamp on its bottom that it came from the Hotel Deshler. This hotel no longer exists but we discovered that once it was the fanciest hotel in Columbus.

So while this pot is not in the best condition the BEAUTY it has already brought us is the joy of unearthing the history of the Deshlers.

It also has a great new home in our dining room amidst a lot more items that some might call clutter but we call collections!!!!


Blessing # 91 – Charming C

BOOM – Boy & Bunnies


This weekend Krishna and I had great fun bargain hunting.

We only hit two tag sales and one garage sale but we struck gold at each one.

At the first tag sale everything was discounted by 75% so irresistible! The most precious find was a lovely little stone statue for the garden of a boy and two bunnies.

Its about a foot high so just big enough to be seen but not so big as to be unmovable.

The little guy bears a close resemblance to a certain person don’t you think?


Blessing # 90 – Specially Made for  Us


Yesterday was the first game of the college football season here in the USA. American football that is!!!

This is much loved throughout the country but here in Ohio football following is phenomenal.

The Ohio State University Team also know as the BUCKEYES, after the state Buckeye tree and its horse chestnut like fruit, are one of, if not THE, best team in the nation.


The OSU stadium hold 120000 fans and it is amazing to go there, hear the BEST band in the land play and watch a game.

It is also great to stay home and watch from the sofa! Have a beer and a few nachos or maybe a little party or two for the big games.

No fuss with parking and traffic just plenty of screaming from the couch.

Great win also at 77 to 31!!!!!

GO BUCKS!!!!!!!

Blessing # 89– Fall Fun

BOOM – Binding Beliefs


Today’s Service for Senator McCain from The National Cathedral was very special.

His beautiful family and so many friends honored him with many powerful words and touching moments.

This was such a demonstration of USA unity and a moment to reflect on all that this country stands for.

How great though art!

Blessing # 88 – Brotherhood from Sea to Shining Sea