Wagging Tail- 229

Ma and me went to the forest this morning. We saw a lot of beautiful red cardinals. One of you bird lovers must know why there are so many out at the moment.

Ma said the scene looked just like one of her recent rescued treasures. It’s an original watercolor by a local artist. She has it set to go to market in the garage.

Must say she has the eye but she needs a steadier hand. When she went just now to take a photo of the picture she dropped a little porcelain statue sitting on top of it. Puts new meaning to a fallen Angel. Thank goodness we have super glue. It’s destiny is now in our family as she couldn’t sell a broken piece.

Anyway we digress. The forest has now come indoors.

Must remember it’s not for real when I’m in a hurry.

Pity it has to go where I do my look out. I’ll take care when I’m guarding just in case another Angel takes a tumble.

Blessing # 893 – Evergreens

Wagging Tail – 228

That Turkey is good stuff! So is the stuffing. Gives you lots of energy. We were up at 6:00 and out of the house before 8:00 to take new stock to the antique booth.

Ma was quick because she knew where everything was going to be placed and then we took to the trail.

Man I was ready for a run. Needed to feel that wind in my face and shake off those cobwebs. Ma couldn’t keep up with me I was way ahead!

It was great! Not a soul around except us and the squirrels.

We saw the smallest one ever. Either it has a growth impairment or it was a baby.

I pointed out that it could have been a perfect snack but Ma said NO SCOOBY in her scary voice.

When we got back she took to cleaning the garage. It was literally a process of digging out of her treasure (aka garbage) to get to the Christmas Decorations.

It took her six hours but the decor is now accessible so we know already what tomorrow brings.

Blessing # 892 – Clearings

Wagging Tail- 227

Our thanksgiving is pretty much as usual as we’re a small family. For those accustomed to big gatherings it must be very strange.

We may be small but we are mighty and don’t do anything on a small scale though. In fact for some reason Ma got an even bigger bird. It’s like a young ostrich.

While it’s cooking slowly we were so happy to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. For so many people today it will bring a sense of normality in a changed world. It was really great and we sang along with all the songs.

They even had the Irish Pipes of the NY Fire Brigade. They played America the Beautiful. Seems that when they play you can hear them ten miles away! Wow. They were great.

After the Parade we made the stuffing and watched the The National Dog Show. Another great thanksgiving day tradition.

Just as long as my Ma doesn’t get any ideas about hair styles. I saw her looking closely at that Irish Wheaten Terrier.

The bro is working till three so he has said we must eat when he arrives home as he’s starving himself all day to make room for the feast. We’re ready to roll. Which reminds me we forgot to cook them! Still time to stick them in the oven and some space too now that the critter is « resting »

Blessing # 891 – Ticking the Traditional Boxes

Wagging Tail- 226

It’s not taking time to rain today. Absolutely drenched we were on our morning trot.

Ma dried me quickly so I didn’t stink too much and then disappeared.

The bro had to move out of his dorm and won’t be back there till January so she went to help him shift his stuff. I wasn’t allowed to go but I can tell this story because I heard her recount it all to Dad.

When she got there he was standing outside in shorts and a tea shirt looking like a drowned rat. He’d finished packing his car and all she had to put in hers were his leftover groceries. « Why the heck did she drive all the way there just for that »

While he went to drop off his keys Ma called her pal Paula to recount the latest update on the heating and cooling fiasco!

Now here’s the funny thing. Paula had bought some furniture for her boutique, where else but ten miles from where Aaron goes to college.

Paula was planning to pick it up in her truck but it would have been soaked before she got it all the way back to where she lives so she asked Mum if she could get it in her car. Sure! That made sense!

So off Aaron went home and off Ma went into the wilds to handle the consignment.

Some new roads were travelled and deep in the woods the pick up was made.

It felt like an adventure in the wilds.

There were cows grazing on hillsides.

There was an old wooden Church.

There was even little old log cabins.

Ma said it was like taking a trip back in time and she felt a bit like a pilgrim out there.

Now she’s back home and I’m glad to say so is the bro. He’s by far the best player I know!

Blessing # 890 – Hill Country

Wagging Tail- 225

Don’t tell anyone but thats a cookie crumb on my nose.

For the project we have had to taste and try before we buy.

Right now we are into finding the best suppliers of all the goodies we’ll need for afternoon tea.

Scones are difficult to source in Ohio. You could find them in every little bakery in Ireland.

Cookies are a different matter. We ate a box of samples last night from the best bakery in the tearoom town.

Dad decided he had to show that his were just as good so he took to cooking some this morning.

Am I complaining am I heck!

Blessing # 889 – Taking the Biscuit.

Wagging Tail- 224

Ma has some epic fails when it comes to cooking.

Take Hawaïen chicken as her most recent example.

Looks simple as pie. Just four ingredients tossed into a crock pot. I could do it!

It turned out like this.


Or is it fowl?

Isn’t that a horrible word. Seems there use to be shops that sold just that! Yuck!

Good news is while it may look awful once a few instant noodles were thrown in to sop up the soup it tasted OK

All you need to do is eat not look!

Blessing # 888 – Blinkers

Wagging Tail – 223

Our living room is still veiled in blue tarpaulin and it feels like night all day. It’s also coming down like cats and rats outside.

I’m bored senseless.

So is Dad

We are trying to snooze.

Herself is pricing her latest finds that are very seasonal. « « I must get them ready Scooby to take to the store tomorrow »

This got her in the festive mood so now she has on one of her Christmas favorites.

It would give you the creeps all clanking of chains and bad dreams.

She had to take the mood one step further and turn off the lights and burn a candle.

What I have to put up with is dreadful. Bah Humbug!

Thank heavens we went for that bacon yesterday at least I’ve got breakfast for dinner to look forward to.

Blessing # 887 – Classics

Wagging Tail- 222

Today has had its ups and downs mostly ups though.

The roofers arrived at 6:45 and started hammering. Fortunately we were all already up!

No sooner had they started that the rain came. Soon it was pouring.

After about an hour of getting soaked the men came down and called it quits for the day.

Ma and I had to go drop off something at a friends some distance away. We passed the Amish store and bought bacon. There’s is the best it fries up great and doesn’t let you down by shrinking like the supermarket variety.

Having done our business we did a little shopping at a thrift shop and two estate sales.

Of course Ma, like a homing pigeon struck gold. She found beautiful pieces and more art to put up at the tearoom some day.

The most wonderful find is a bowl by Taste Setter Sigma called Lovebirds. It’s on feet and has holes in the bottom like a colander and sits on a matching plate.

If anyone knows what it’s function is please speak up. We’re speculating it’s for holding pasta or salad or maybe strawberries so any remaining water would drain down onto the plate.

We were no soon home and investigating all about our treasure than the rain stopped, the team returned went back up and nailed down half a roof of new shingles.

Blessing # 886 – High Hope

Wagging Tail- 221

I’d just snuggled up to my Mom as she was having her second coffee when the door bell rang and a whole troop of men arrived.

I’m totally traumatized. They attacked my house and I can’t get out to protect it.

They dropped this big blue sheet over my barking window so I can’t even intimidate them from indoors.

They are throwing things all around and making a racket banging and knocking.

Mum said I shouldn’t worry and took me out to see what was going on.

I thought Santa was scheduled for next month but there’s a hooded man on my roof! Hope he leaves me something good!

Blessing # 885 – Tip Top

Wagging Tail- 220

Mother is a little low. The whole Heating and Cooling system is back to square one. A full month lost in the plan. Too many details to cover by a canine.

Suffice to say I had to be super sweet to her today. She is being philosophical and treating this as a fresh start but she hadn’t the heart to go to the house today.

Instead we went shopping and got an enormous frozen object that she says will be roasted next week. While she was in the store I took the drivers seat to keep it warm for her.

We also did a lot of walking as that generates endorphins that are good for the soul.

Blessing # 884 – Take Two