Wagging Tail-747

The whole nation is grieving. Just now on TODAY all the newscasters were crying.

We all feel flat. Even Mega and me are down.

We are hearing about the two beautiful teachers who gave their lives to save their students. That’s the ultimate gift.

In the midst of all this sorrow we heard yesterday of another great gift. The pharmaceutical company Pfizer is making their COVID vaccine available to the world’s 45 poorest countries at cost price.

That is such a significant step forward and makes you feel there is a lot of good in this world too.


Wagging Tail-746

Since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary there have been 3500 mass shootings in the USA.

No other country in the world, not China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, UK, France, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, etc etc has such a horrific record.

In fact not all the countries in the world combined make this number.

Are you proud of this America?

Is the right to bear arms more important than the lives of 19 little babies and two of their teachers?

What is so ironic so hateful so very very sad is that the same politician who supports the National Riffle Association is also often the most vocal proponent of Prolife.

Explain that!

Blessing#1347-Searching Still

Wagging Tail-745

Ma had a birthday party at the Tearoom yesterday so had to go to work in her day off.

She said I could come along because I’m so patient and we’ll behaved and good and tortured by a demon and that this also may be the last Goldilocks day till October.

So off we went.

The countryside is looking very pretty with all the flocs out. Reminiscent of Renoir we think.

So too is our garden at the Tearoom that Auntie Laura planted with such love last year. All her pretty flowers she gifted us are blooming.

We also have our first rose from the old rose bushes that Uncle Martin pruned. They are like new again.

The big tree that Auntie Carolyn thinks might be a black locust is full of blossoms.

They smell real good and are making confetti. There are so many blossoms flying around that Auntie Paula thought it was snowing!

It’s so good to see our little place looking so loved and happy.

I made sure to leave it a little additional nitrogen on the peonies ( or is that pee on me!!!) before I left since I may not see it again till fall.

Blessing#1346-Field Trip.

Wagging Tail-744

So my passionate public don’t you think I’m super smart?

In addition to my beauty and perfect form I am a Precociously Perspicacious Pretty Pitty.

I have been doing some serious studying and can now claim extensive engineering expertise.

How many Pittys do you know who can make their own emergency exit.

I had to make some expansions yesterday to permit ease of access.

Even the Grey Gizzard is benefiting.

Thing is Granny has now closed the door and try as I might I cannot make inroads into that glass.

May need to sharpen my incisors to crack this problem. I’ll work on that around Gizzy’s neck.

Stay tuned for my latest innovation and send me any problems you’d like me to solve my consulting rates are relatively reasonable.


Wagging Tail-743

Dad is apoplectic with anger.

Mega may as well pack her Pretty Pitty purse because her days are numbered.

This epic started yesterday morning when Auntie Denise gave Ma a lovely lavender plant.

Before Ma went to work we potted it in a big container on the back window step where it will get lots of sun.

Mega was in on the work and loved the smell. She even decided she could do gardening herself and brought a tiny pot with a mint slip inside and hid it under the table.

So that’s not a big deal she’d argue she was being helpful but that’s not it!

See while Ma was away Jaws decided that she had to get out and do more work. So she ate a huge hole in the screen door.

It’s massive. The entire screen will need to be replaced.

I could get through it easily and for sure even if fatso sticks she’ll force her way through.

So everyone will need to make sure the gate is close. Or maybe I’ll open it and solve all our problems!!!!!


Wagging Tail-742

Greetings my beautiful public it’s your Precious Princess Pitty publishing today.

After a delightful birthday I have had a tough week.

Tricky tummy troubles and now this heat and our air conditioner has stopped working!!

It’s like hades. The Gizz says I need to get used to it because that’s place is in my future.

It’s thirsty work keeping cool under these circumstances as we have no options but to cool through the tongue.

Mine is extremely long but I’ll spare you the photos of that.

Instead here is the pretty Pitty panting poses.

Aren’t I just darling.

So glad I don’t wear fur like some people not so far from me.

He has no sense and no class.

Fur is just so passé.


Wagging Tail-741

Pouring out there which is not a problem for us but when we hear the thunder Ma backs off from walking.

It’s was therefore a quick in and out for the urgent needs only.

One good thing with having the demonic presence is that you get to burn off some steam if you can’t get in your steps.

It drives Dad crazy but it makes me laugh. See Dad blamed jaws for all the trouble when secretly I know that I start it.

The deer must have been stomping around too this morning because we found one of our bearded irises had bit the dust.

We stuck it in with the floc and it looks lovely and gives perfect height for playing hide and seek with Mega.

Although not ideal all in all not a bad start to the weekend. If we’d gone for our usual walk rather than roaming round our yard we’d not have found that gift from Bambi!

Blessing#1342-Showers & Flowers

Wagging Tail-740

It’s like Groundhog Day here at the ranch except this time it’s me who’s poorly.

On the stroke of five this morning I threw up right between the two pillows in our bed.

The noise woke Ma who of course was not thrilled but had to rise and jump into action as I can’t strip beds.

It must be those bones. I’m probably having a delayed reaction as I only ate a morsel whereas big mouth had a hefty helping.

Good news is it doesn’t seem to have any long term detrimental effects as she was playing as usual last night.

If she happens to have passed on overnight I’ll be seeking immediate medical attention.

I feel like a Medici or a Borgia. Didn’t they have food testers?

Wonder is Dad trying to do us in???????


Wagging Tail-739

We got a very early start today all down to Jaws.

The bro bought us both big peanut butter bones yesterday and she noshed hers down in minutes and then ate half of mine too. Well there were consequences.

She threw up all over the bros bed at about four thirty this morning so he has been rattling about shouting and cleaning and doing laundry and waking good people up who need their sleep.

We had planned to get up at six as Ma has a group of ladies meeting at the tearoom at 10:30 but we didn’t need this head start.

So we lay in bed a while and thought again about Buffalo. We just can’t get this senseless act out of our mind.

Something must be done to stop a repetition.

As one newscaster put it….

We said a prayer for Mayor Brown who is leading so graciously through this terrible time.

We want to do more than pray though. That’s why we are putting pen to paper. We are facing the fact that in this country racial hatred exist and it hurts horribly.


Wagging Tail-738

Yesterday we had the whole family at home for the niece’s big day. The Queen is less indulged!

First off we went out partying with all our doggie friends PJ, Eddie and Walter. I must give it to her she has an extensive male following in our neighborhood. I’m not sure what they see in her as she could eat any, make that all, of them for breakfast.

When we came home we played hide and seek for a while and then she went back to slumber with the bro.

While they snuggled Ma and I baked up a storm then we had a siesta. We sampled you see as we went along. It’s hard work and highly soporific!

We took another trot in the late afternoon sun and left a few posts. Jaws ate a desiccated frog.

For dinner we had steak and asparagus from Auntie Marsha’s garden and then we broke into the nieces treats.

She gave me some, perhaps her stomach was a little upset!

Regardless, I have turned over a new leaf since she stretched this olive branch and peace reigns.


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