Wagging Tail-368

Such a touching tribute to a great man we just witnessed.

The sky was as blue as the Greek Flag under which the Prince was born.

The deep quiet and stillness in the chapel made the music so powerful.

Everyone’s grief was masked but real and solitary. I understood and was silent.

Tears in the eyes and heads bowed.

Beautiful. Hope those puppies will give her Majesty some extra love when she gets home.

Blessing # 1069 – Dignity

Wagging Tail-367

Ma and me had such a fun day.

First we made more scones. Our goal was timing how long it takes. We wolfed down a big one and worked it off with a long walk Auntie Denise.

Next up we went to the car repair shop as we now have another warning light on. This car is a bit like the project it’s a never ending repair job.

After that we headed to our project at Marion. We did a lot of bitty things like getting keys cut for the agent who’s going to list the apartment.

After that we had some fun in the graveyard. Beautiful spot

Our goal at this place, that is destined to be our regular walking trail, is to find the oldest gravestone. Today we did good. Someone born 1813! Can we beat that?

Those guys are long gone but are not kicking up the daisy’s instead they’ve produced very pretty little purple posies.

Must be down to all the good nitrogen supplied by guys like me or maybe by those avians who wander around like they own the place making such a racket.

Blessing # 1068 – Work & Play

Wagging Tail-366

I’m on the banter early today.

Ma has been obsessing about scones. She can’t find anyone to make them for her and it’s impossible to find a real British Scone in Ohio. She so wishes her cousin Barbara was here.

She’d identified some authentic ones online that were priced at $15 for 16 scones so she decided to order them. They ship frozen. Well as you might expect with delivery the price went up to $30 so that’s close to $2 per scone. She’ll never make it at price.

So she took the bull by the horns (or the sultana by the scalp if you prefer) at 5:45 am and started baking.

I was like « didn’t you forget Ma I need to pee » but on she went. By 6:15 the critters were going in the oven.

She’s going to test them out on Auntie Denise and Uncle Mike just now and then on Auntie Laura and Auntie Paula this morning and finally on her Lily Circle who meet tonight. « It’s called a focus group » Scooby

Personally I give them five stars but you know me and my Mom are prejudiced when it come to admiration for each other. We’re kinda close like a good dough!

The good bit about this too was I went to work on an egg.

That stuff for glazing the tops didn’t go to waste it made a great brekkie for a man like me. I’m all set for a busy day!

Blessing # 1067 – Research

Wagging Tail-365

Man I can’t believe it’s a year since I put paw to paper.

What a lot of water has passed under the bridge in those 365 days.

We haven’t traveled very far but we sure did a lot of things.

Learning to drive, well at least from the back seat!

Discovering a new town

Getting our project going

You can see why it’s on East Church Street.

Of course chilling a little too like tonight on the way home.

A good feed and a sneaky shut eye after all those exertions.

What more could a Wagging Tail want.

Blessing # 1066 – Full Years

Wagging Tail-364

The fire chief came today to inspect. He found a few things to correct but said Ma could open as soon as she has her fire extinguishers attached to the wall at each exit. Another day another hurdle jumped.

After arranging her old books and toys in their place she went to the restaurant equipment store to get a few essentials. She was so excited she butt dialed about a hundred snaps.

Never seen anyone get so excited about sterilization tablets or plastic gloves.

My trots have been short today but you know that’s OK as it’s better than nothing and I see all her efforts piled up like Russian Dolls.

Our garage is now full of containers that had once been a mountain filled with treasures. They are stacked one inside the other and are all set for recycling tomorrow.

Dad keeps saying keep some keep some they’ll come in handy but she is so happy about having emptied them they are all biting the dust.

Blue skies ahead we hope for me and my shadow

Blessing # 1065 – Empty Boxes

Wagging Tail-363

We are saying it in pictures tonight.

Our front entrance takes you past our window with our bunny taking Tea.

Walking straight along the hall leads to our morning room with a little Asian theme.

If you turn left though you’re in the fancy dining room where ladies and maybe gents will take Tea like they did back in President Harding’s day.

If guests live it enough they might even choose to take a teacup or a teapot home! We have an abundance of both.

The two rooms are connected by the garden room with lots of treasures on display. Books have not yet been added that’s tomorrow’s task!

If you come in the side door you’ll see our pop up place where vendors can rent for a day or two to sell their wares.

This connects to the kitchen with lots of little items and leads back into the morning room. Full circle.

The only proof it’s my place? Well you guessed it.

Blessing # 1064 – Camera Talk

Wagging Tail-362

Ma took Dad and me to see the progress at the project.

Dad took my seat so I tried to jump on top of him. He didn’t appreciate my kindness or proximity and got all grumpy. We had faces like stone!

Ma understood though that he can’t ever take my place. We smiled knowingly at each other!

Dad and I made up and admired all the art on the walls and put some more treasures on the shelves before heading home in the rain. It’s an icky afternoon.

All the better for cooking up a storm and tucking in for a good feed.

Blessing # 1063 – Sunday Roast

Wagging Tail-361

It’s very colorful around here these days.

The daffodils are going strong.

The grass is fluorescent.

The dogwoods and fruits trees are in full bloom.

So what more would you expect than the bro to give us another need to put on the sunglasses.

He’s become a ginger since I last saw him.

Maybe he’s planning a trip to Ireland. He’d fit right in.

Blessing # 1062 – Technicolor

Wagging Tail-360

My Mom was crying this morning. We were watching the news as usual when suddenly there was a special broadcast. Prince Philip had died at the age of 99.

Mom loves the Royal family and is feeling so sad for the poor Queen who will have to go on without the love of her life and biggest supporters. The Prime Minister of the UK made a very touching speech and was clearly close to tears too.

Mum and Auntie Laura were again working at the house. Aunt Laura brought a beautiful surprise a whole perennial garden. She planted it too after she’d hung more pictures and cleaned the one remaining carpet.

Taking pride of place in this new garden are butterfly bushes. They were Aunt Laura’s Moms favorite.

MeMe passed away two years ago almost to the day so I never did get to meet her but by all accounts she was a beautiful person. Certainly she also raised a very beautiful person in Aunt Laura.

For sure the Queen will be remembering Prince Philip tonight and all the years they had together.

Let’s hope he’s already met a few butterflies up above and maybe even Meme.

Blessing # 1061 – New Creations

Wagging Tail-359

Ma is feeling optimistic if a tad tired.

Little flowers have appeared out of no where in a pot at the front door. It’s a miracle as it has virtually no soil in it.

There’s also signs of life among the weed.

Signs that a previous owner or maybe just the good Lord sowed a little seed some time ago.

She also has been hanging curtains and is super pleased with herself as she thinks they fit the « period » look.

Our house is stinking because she has cleaned out that old suitcase she dumpster dived some time ago to use as for merchandising her Treasures.

Can you please pray for her as she is loosing the plot and I am overwhelmed with this frenzy of Febreze.

Blessing # 1060 – Florals