Wagging Tail-497

I’m learning some things from the tike even though I’m definitely older and wiser.

After our walk this morning we played tug of war again.

This time I won.

At first I was thrilled that the jaw of steel had surrendered so I teased her mercilessly.

It was no fun though when she didn’t respond.

Even when I left her she just sat there looking dejected.

I felt so guilty it just was no fun.

Eventually she played again and this time I let her win.

Life really is all about give and take.

Blessing #498-Mates

Wagging Tail-496

You have all heard of the battle my Ma wages against the deer.

Well each time this year that they pull up her sedum for dessert she took the remains and rooted them as revenge.

Now our back porch is inundated with seedling plants that have taken off like crazy and smothered most everything else in their pot.

She is gloating because she thinks she has out witted the hoofed critters but let me tell you they will have the last laugh yet.

That sedum may be ”such a pretty pink” but it brings bees and we are all set to get stung!

Blessing #1097-Propagators

Wagging Tail-495

Ma and me nearly fainted this morning when we got up at our usual time.

It was pitch black outside but the door to the bro and niece’s bedroom was open and they were out for a trot.

Seems after all the cleaning up from yesterday he’d got her out as soon as she squeaked.

He went back to sleep leaving her with me and we got to play fighting.

Ma was mad as can be and told us to settle down or we would get no brekkie.

We hung out under the table for a while but thats boring if no crumbs fall.

So we stared her out until she caved in and gave us our nosh.

Blessing #1096-Smart Start

Wagging Tail-494

The tike was out with her Dad yesterday as it was his day off.

She came back wearing a hat and looking like a movie star sitting up front in his car.

When she got out I realized she’d been to visit some place where food is served ad libitum.

She’d blown up like a balloon.

Ma said she was to have no dinner but the consequences were still dire and extremely smelly.

She been good about doing her jobs outside but clearly when you have just eaten half your weight in kibble you can’t hold on.

Ma made the bro clean things up so its unlikely the miss with ever get so much to eat again.

Blessing #1095– Passages

Wagging Tail-493

The old saying goes that the darkest hour is just before dawn. This is so true! Dark is good

Well I should know because Ma gets me up before six and these days its still very dark as dawn is past seven.

She says she needs her quiet time alone with me her black coffee and her iphone before all the clattering and chattering starts. We even sit with no lights on sometimes!

These days I need that time together too to eat my breakfast in peace before the vacuum cleaner is switched on!

I would swear that the instrument of torture can tell the time because as soon as the little hand touches seven she starts yapping.

What a life! She is WOKE!

Blessing #1094-Tranquility

Wagging Tail-492

The memories of what happened twenty years ago are fresh in everyones mind today.

Ma and Pa had just moved to China from Connecticut with my predecessors Darcy and Bingley They were all asleep in Shanghai and only heard the news the next morning.

I of course was not born but know that in the search and rescue dogs played a major role.

So in my capacity as a great growler I’d just like to give a woof of recognition to these heroes too!

Blessing #1093-Class Canines

Wagging Tail-491

Today all our Indian family and friends are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. Wishing them all the best on this special day.

I’m no expert on Ganesh all I know is that he always has a sweet is his hand so he must be smart.

A post from my cousin Krishna this morning was in Hindi so Ma asked him for a translation.

Its something to reflect on and like a good elephant never forget!

Blessing #1092-Revelation

Wagging Tail-490

The Braemar Games are just over. The Queen goes every year to watch all the traditional sports.

Ma says she should take a wee jaunt over here as our antics at tug of war beat tossing the caber!

The tike has jaws of steel and gives me a good workout. Here’s how the game goes

She Grabs
She tugs

She pulls me over the line

She may win the game but it does her in which also gives me some peace and the chance to watch the sleep sequence.

She Rests
She Yawns
She Slumbers

Blessing #1091– A Highland Fling

Wagging Tail-489

There was a mighty war fought yesterday and I won.

The tike thinks she owns every toy in my house but I gave her short shift.

Ma put her in the crate because of the noise she was making. This gave me a chance to seconde a few more of her things from under the bros bed.

She has a squirrel as tall as herself and a serpent the size of the pair of us combined.

I like that one best. Each bump in its body contains a separate squeaky.

Since I am so angelic and gentle with my toys Ma said I can keep it.

Call me a snake in the grass if you like its mine all mine!

Blessing #1090-Revenge

Wagging Tail-488

Yesterday was Labor Day so that means Ma has declared summer over!

The mantle got a makeover. The flags came down so we are ready for autumn. We’ve been inundated with pilgrims and pumpkins and turkeys.

The tike doesn’t understand the concept of ornamentation and thinks these are new toys to be shredded.

Ma was not please when she hit on her new Turkey.

A fight ensued for its recovery resulting in some wounds on the old woman.

I licked them better and the tike took off to hide with the bro who’s back working late shifts.

Heaven help us when the real big bird arrives. The tike will be stuffed no doubt.

Blessing#1089-Fall Fun