Wagging Tail-423

Even though it’s hot as hades in our home Ma and me have been sleeping extremely well.

She puts it down to not being able to nap during the day as she has work now most days.

I say it’s because we can’t stay awake late anymore.

The morning walks get earlier and earlier before the day heats up which is great.

All the critters are out having their breakfast when we go strolling and they are such fun to watch. Today the geese were bottoms up fishing when we went past the pond.

Ma says it’s like nature study. That’s what ancients called biology.

My philosophy is that as long as the snacks keep coming my way too you can call it whatever you want!

Blessing # 1024-Repos & Repas

Wagging Tail-422

Ma was moaning again last night this time about broken biscuits (cookies). She’s mad with Walkers as all the shortbread she bought is broken. It must have suffered severe storm in shipping from Scotland.

I’m like bring it on Ma I’ll eat that just fine. Better than any old dog treat. so she brought it home along with some soggy ginger snaps.

I was like chill girlfriend. This ain’t a big deal.

Life isn’t always a big bowl of cherries.

Unless that is you happen to have the real McCoy and you’re sharing them with your beloved.

I told her this morning to get herself a wee flower from the yard to brighten herself a bit.

So she did as I instructed and they look good.

Best of all she found a ladybird in the lilies. So now she’s all happy because those critters bring good fortune.

What more does she need? After all she already has me!

Blessing # 1023-Lovebugs

Wagging Tail-421

I love hunting bunnies. When I see one I freeze and point. Ma knows then she has to hold me real tight or I’ll take off.

This morning I saw a massive one. We stared each other out for a good two minutes before I cracked and tugged.

Didn’t get it! One day I’ll win.

There’s a lot of talk about a certain Bunny called Peter on the TV right now. He is kinda famous. The star of a new movie by all accounts. Ma wants to go but says I can’t accompany her. Sad.

She also has a print of him for sale at the mall and a few look alikes on offer at the tearoom.

Hope the new movie stirs up some interest. She lost a few sales today as a shelf collapsed overnight and broke four of her prized mugs. Could have been worse.

She might have lost a customer if that shelf had fallen during opening hours.

Blessing #1022 – Bobtails

Wagging Tail-420

Ma is on the warpath. After two months steady growth the deer have nuked her sedum.

The attacks began a few weeks ago in a gentle manner. Now, despite the coffee ground campaign that she has fought valiantly with the help of Dad the Bambi boys have gone berserk.

This year though she has a plan of action.

Each piece they pull out she is taking in and trying to root.

What we will do with the gazillion new sedums that are now in water in our kitchen window is anyone’s guess.

She has dibbled the first offshoots in with a scrawny geranium. What next?

The plant warfare is set to continue. Watch this space.

Blessing #1021-Sedum Serial

Wagging Tail-419

Ma stayed home with me apart from a run to the store for liquid refreshments. She also got pork chops which interest me more than margaritas.

We have the windows open again to try to prevent death by suffocation as the AC man can’t come till next Tuesday.

One advantage of windows open is that I can talk to Ma while she is working in her jungle.

I stick my nose up close to the screen and give directions.

We’ve managed by some miracle to grow a small field of wild strawberries behind the lavender and mint.

I told Ma to try them.

She did but says they taste of nothing.

They are pretty though and I’m sure the birds appreciate. I’m too kind you know!

Blessing #1020-Groundcover

Wagging Tail-418

In brief.

Verse of the day delivered. I knew it would when I heard it this morning.

Ma had a tea party this afternoon with a gluten free guest.

She had located great things at Trader Joe’s

Others at Gordon’s.

Bread was a challenge though.

There are crackers of course but only so many ways to serve them

The gluten free variety of bread is well gluten free a tad flat and cost three times as much at least as even the best of the standard stuff.

You need a couple of slices for a cucumber sandwich not a whole loaf and you can’t store it.

Guess who delivered? Good old Walmart. Individually packed rolls. Just the right size. No waste.

That seeking sure solved the sandwich setback.

Blessing # 1019– Wise Words

Wagging Tail-417

Our air conditioner has packed up at home. It’s a cool 90F so we are a tad toasty.

We have the windows open to try to get some air flowing but there isn’t even a breeze.

Ma says it’s a good day to use one of her least favorite words to describe how she feels. LETHARGIC!

There is something about that word she doesn’t like. It makes her think of dampness and bad smells.

I promise you it’s got nothing to do with pinky. He never tires. Just like me.

There’ll be no roast dinner tonight though as herself cannot take any unnecessary heat in the kitchen.

Hope there’s a few croutons on the go as that green stuff clean does me in.

Blessing #1018-Salad Days

Wagging Tail-416

As I was staring out the window this morning Ma said I looked like some dame named Rapunzel as my tail reaches down to my feet.

I told her to get a life and hurry up and get me out to leave some messages.

I have to take different routes each day to make sure everyone knows I’m the head hound in this neck of the woods.

It’s important as you have to assert yourself regardless of your size.

I mark bushes and trees mostly but if there is a stinky flower around like those daisy I’ll give them some special treatment.

Ma says to keep up the good work on the blackberries as there’s a great crop in the making and she has plans to Jam.

Some sessions that will be!

Blessing #1017– Berry Bloom

Wagging Tail-415

Last Sunday when Ma was working at the antique mall a customer came in looking for old marbles.

Seems he is running a project in West Virginia to reestablish marble making and likes to give the people working with him a special old marble on each visit.

He taught Ma a lot about marbles the most sought after are called tiger eyes.

She searched all over the shop and with the help of her friend Karen who was working at the desk they managed to find some for the customer.

He liked some but they were in a very big collection so he didn’t need the others. It’s a whole art this marble collecting.

Anyway this man was very happy with the help Karen and Ma gave him in his search and said he’d definitely come back and to the mall again.

He was gone about ten minutes and then he was back. This time bearing a gift of a CD each for Karen and Mom. Seems he’s not only into old manufacturing arts but he’s a musician too.

Ma and I have the CD on in the car all this week and we absolutely love it.

I like the sound of this guy. He even writes songs about my kind. Well if you consider a coyote a canine.

Check out the music it’s really great!

Blessing #1016-FunFolk

Wagging Tail-414

Ma and me were about two miles from home this morning when the heavens opened. We were in the woods so we got a little shelter but still we were soaked to the skin by the time we got back to base.

It wasn’t cold so we kinda enjoyed splashing in the puddles especially since Ma had her flip flops on. Sorta like the Ohio version of paddling at the seaside!

I love the fun of getting dried. I pretend to be all fierce and run in circles around the living room with my towel on.

I grab my toys and shake them like they are wet too.

Pinky gets the worst of it as he’s the biggest.

Ma says by the time I’ve finished he’s as wet as me. I say he needed a spruce up anyway.

There was another torrent on the way to work. Ma said it was even worse than before. Free car wash weather.

Blessing #1105-Wash and Dry