Wagging Tail-389

Ma is all smiles again tonight.

After patiently waiting since February my darling Auntie Lori was at last able to have her party at Mom’s tearoom.

Auntie Lori was adamant she wanted to host her birthday party there even though she had to postpone it three times she hung in there and didn’t give up.

Ma so appreciated her patience and her willingness to be the first party at the T&T and to bring her friends there too.

I’m just waiting for some snacks. Auntie Lori always gives me those when I see her and a little birdie told me she sent me a few home with Ma. Big loves.

Blessing # 1090-Supporters

Wagging Tail-388

Ma is hyper happy as the story of Tea and Treasures made the front page of the Marion Star.

The newspaper was once owned by President Harding and his dog Laddie Boy. I just know we are related. Bet he was my great great great great uncle.

He was so supportive of his human just as I am and was in many a front page of the Star too.

For sure he attended many rally’s on the Presidents porch when he was campaigning for the 1920 election and helped draw the crowd.

I do my best to help my Mom too. My greatest talent is taste testing. I have as my auntie Pat Pol says a fin bec. I’m sure Laddie boy did too.

Wonder did he like scones?

Blessing # 1089-Headline News

Wagging Tail-387

Dad and I had a decent day playing and cooking.

Ma is just in and is in an excessively good mood. She sold a book to her first customer who is not one of her friends.

She brought home a box of yummies as she has to trash them after they’ve been thawed for a few days.

They are not destined directly for landfill they’ll be in our tummies first. I see a very happy future ahead for me.

They are scrumptious and I didn’t even have to be a good boy to get one.

Blessing # 1088 – High Cream Tea

Wagging Tail-386

Grimm this morning and pouring down.

So after a shorter than usual trot I was abandoned as herself left for the shop.

She took all her haul from yesterday with her. It’s just as well she found plenty because she’d nothing else to do to keep herself occupied.

Appropriately, as it’s cinco de Mayo, one of the things she’d found were margaritas glasses. Bottoms up to that!

She also found a new work of art. A vineyard. Do you see a theme going on? Anyway she hung it up.

Let’s hope it stays in place longer than her sign that’s already fallen down. Bad omen!

You can hardly see it though the window as a bird the size of an ostrich has pooped on the front window.

Her experiment of the day was to determine how long whipped cream stays up as clotted cream cannot be found in this neck of the woods.

The result is not promising but any cream is better than no cream at all. We’ll have to give crème fraîche a go tomorrow to see if it’s more robust.

The bro stopped by to say hi which gave her a little lift. If he’d thought and brought me that would have made her day especially now the suns out.

Blessing # 1087 – Downs and Ups

Wagging Tail-385

Having a simple stay home day restores sanity. So I prescribed one for Ma and it worked.

The smile has returned to the her face at least for now.

We had a long walk in the sunshine before the rain.

She nuked some weeds and went to TMG with Dad and then did some Goodwill hunting. She didn’t bring her haul into the house though as it’s going directly to the store. Less mess for us.

We had a late yum yum nomnom for lunch followed by a deep and long slumber.

When we woke up at 4:15 we panicked briefly because it was bright daylight. We thought we’d overslept and must be late for something and then realized it was afternoon not morning.

Now we are going for another walk and Ma is making dinner as a treat for Dad who has been in the kitchen non stop for the past two weeks.

Blessing # 1086-Normality

Wagging Tail-384

This is one really miserable day. Ma and I left very early for the Tearoom this morning.

She had to get the coving done around the restroom wall and the workman was coming to do it at 8:00. He did it real fast.

That’s when the trouble started. He took the screen window off that window that had sprung a leak last week and discovered that the issue is major.

Ma has now totally had it. It’s like there is no end to the problems. They just keep coming. Why on earth did she not just stick with zumba and her little antique booth rather than digging this hole for herself. The number of “if onlys » today I can’t tell you.

I took her out for a trot between torrents but it didn’t do much to cheers her up.

It’s tough to stay upbeat and positive even though she knows she very fortunate unlike that little girl cracking those stones. I try my best to help her and reassure her.

Truth be told today she’s not able to see a light at the end of this stinking tunnel and totally regrets ever setting foot in this ruin of a place.

I may have a solution when I get her home to help her!

Blessing # 1085-Tomorrow

Wagging Tail-383

I kept Ma in my sights this morning and sat up close in case she’d escape.

We went through our Facebook feed and saw a shocking image of a little girl breaking stones. Sickeningly sad.

Just afterwards we watched one of our favorite Facebook stars Trinny sorting through her shoe collection. She was deciding which she’d keep and which she’d give for auction. The funds raised would support some good cause.

It’s hard to imagine two such different circumstances. As my Granny would have said “the world is ill divided”

Makes you ask why some, like my family live in luxury, while others are born into a poverty so abject that we can’t even imagine how they can go on.

Blessing # 1084-Perspective

Wagging Tail-382

It was a very confusing morning. Ma played mailman on our walk posting her cards for the tearoom in neighbors boxes.

When we came back Dad was all dressed and ready to go. The deal was that the bro was to take him and me and bring us back home.

The bro changed his mind as he has to work at 2:00 so we men folk had to stay back at the ranch but the signs are up and the doors are open at the store.

Seems Ma had a good turnout at the opening but is glad it was her friends who were there and not customers she didn’t know as she had a few hiccups with her tea strength and getting the teacups and spoons sorted out. The spoons she had to use at one point were as big as the teacups.

Anyway that’s what friends are for helping iron out the creases in the operation.

This lovely sign Miss Mickey made is what it’s all about!

Blessing #1083 – Tea Test

Wagging Tail- 381

You’ll most likely be glad to hear that this will be brief.

I went to the project as it was “cool enough for you to be comfy and safe in the car my dear Scooby”

I sat there all day! One miserable pee.

Herself entertained more guests and handled more last minute disasters.

She also hung the Ulster flag and the Provinces of Ireland flag that the bro bought her for her big day.

I got a three minute pit stop on the way home.

It was a bit scary as it said Animal Hospital.

Fortunately Dad has made tandoori chicken for dinner so after a nomnom I can snooze

Blessing # 1082 -Men About The House

Wagging Tail-380

My poor Ma was apoplectic this morning at 6:00.

She was meeting the Public Health director at 9:00 to update her food service application license and discovered she didn’t have a “back flow” device.

Fortunately one of her guardian angels Eric the plumber dropped everything and came and installed it for her this morning.

Tyler, another angel, aka the public health director then came and checked everything and apart from changing some light bulbs and getting some rubber coving fitted she is good to go.

Angels 3&4 Brian and Chris will make sure that’s done Monday so by next week she’ll be taking bookings for her tea parties and be an official purveyor of teas and treats.

You know though that it says “it never rains but it pours” well it was like a monsoon today. One of the windows in the space Paula is renting for her boutique started leaking. We had to sop it up with some old curtains that had been preserved to clean up paint. Please pray we get no more rain till the window gets fixed on Monday.

There were lots of good things today too. After all life is a balance.

Auntie Carolyn came and was our first customer. She bought treasures and took tea. She also took Ma’s pic to show it’s not a dream and then Paula took one of the two of them sipping and snacking.

Soon after came Donny and Barb bearing gifts of tea itself and then came Catherine and Auntie Denise.

To end the day in came a beautiful bouquet from Auntie Lori. It’s perfect on the front desk for the official opening May 1.

So tears of sadness turned around to tears of joy with the help and love of many angels.

Blessing # 1081 – Great Guys and Gals