Wagging Tail-781

I’ve been thinking about my strategy to address the constant conflict that exist chez nous. I’m very definitely still on the war path.

The beast is bothersome if beautiful.

I know the bro feels the same way about his relationship with the ancient parents at times too except they aren’t in any way shape or form pretty people.

He bought Dad a book for Fathers Day that I’ve been consulting.

I’m not the smiliest of Scooby’s but maybe I can change even at this point in my life.

The thing is definitely hateful but I guess inside her mind there is a reason for her pestilence.

Maybe I need to keep reading or start drinking. Tea of course!!!!

Blessing#1382-Turning Pages.

Wagging Tail-780

Yesterday Dad had a check up and I’m happy to say the news is good.

No wonder he can go without oxygen his hemoglobin is like an « IRON MANS ».

You’d need all the oxygen you can get when you’re out walking these days as it’s a tad toasty.

Around five last evening we went for our trot. I choose to go down the hill.

Just as we were nearing the road we saw it.

A fox out sniffing around in the ditch.

Ma had seen it last week and stopped the car to take its photo.

Mega wanted to play with it but Ma and me decided it was best to turn around and hike it hard back up the hill.

We’re not convinced it altogether normal for a fox to be out at that time of day.

Maybe it’s a Mama out foraging for food or a young one who’s a bit barmy like the PIT!

Regardless we aren’t keen on having to have rabies shots if it happened to decide it didn’t like us!

Which reminds me Dad got his second booster yesterday so all in all he’s good to go another 100,000 miles at least!!!!

I’ll still keep a close eye on him though.

Blessing#1381-Peak Profile

Wagging Tail-779

Greetings Passionate Public. Bet that woke you up.

I don’t usually publish midweek but the Grey Gizzard is feeling very imperious and won’t engage in combat right now so I’ve nothing better to do than write.

Yesterday Granny was off all day so after our big walk she did a crockpot clean it all up cooking session. She takes all the veggies that are looking tired and chops them into small bits and slowly cooks them for hours with minced meat. It’s really fun because I get the ends of carrots and celery all to myself because the Gizz doesn’t eat those. He’s such a fussy old fellow.

When she was clearing out the onion bin I found a box of balls hidden beside it. She let me have one and it kept me amused for about an hour even though it was meant to be indestructible I managed to shred it.

We then had our lunch and went to her chamber for a nice nap. The Gizz hates it when I enter his territory. He eventually succumbs to slumbers. You should have seen him sprawled out snoring he looked so stupid. I could have taken him out in a second but of course being a compassionate critter I did not.

Refreshed we returned to do more cooking and eating.

My philosophy on that is make the most of every moment.

I’ve really learned a lot from my Granny. She’s so good. We gals gotta stick together in this man cave.


Wagging Tail-778

I have learned a new word.

It’s one my Mom had never used in her entire life. She even had to lookup the meaning.

Over the past few weeks though almost every time you turn on the TV you hear it. Seems some SUPREME people who are meant to be extremely SMART use it.

Clearly when they use it they are communicating among themselves.

That troubles me greatly!

We THE PEOPLE need to speak.

Blessing#1379-Ballot Boxes

Wagging Tail-777

The Entente Cordiale has been suspended.

Once more I am officially at war with The PIT.

She has started scraping the basement door as soon as Ma and me arise from our chamber.

The bro no doubt is still snoring below so Ma let’s her out of the dungeon she shares with him in fear she many have an urgency that results in our asphyxiation and a massive cleanup. It’s potential worse that a nuke her poop.

That in itself is not the cause for the return of hostilities it’s what happens next.

Instead of a leisurely graze through my fruhstuck I am forced to gulp down every morsel while she stands poised like the panzer division beside me ready to pounce on my bowl. Should I turn away for a second she’s into it.

Thus freed from overnight digestion and replete with food that should have been all mine she starts.

Round and round and round in circles she goes taunting me terribly.

I am getting too old for this.

A new strategy is needed to bring this enemy under control.

I may need to retreat for a day or two to draw up plans but I have a major force on my side.

Dad has pulled out the history books and we’ve set up the map room in the office with the glass door.


Wagging Tail-776

My extraordinary beauty is beyond question.

Some of my more faithful followers have likened me to a certain Mona Lisa.

I would not be surprised if I was called upon for a sitting so I am polishing up my poses. Note if you would my alluring smile.

The Gizzard says I resemble more closely an alien than an Italian maiden.

Who is he to judge.

Just a stinky old Texan.

Doesn’t know the meaning of purebred Pitty Perfection. I’ve just that little edge over others.

Should you wish to capture me in oil on canvas please consult Wrinkle Woman.


Wagging Tail-775

It’s been three weeks since I’ve been able to go to work with Mom because it’s too hot for me to stay in the car. Instead I have to suffocate at home with Dad and Mega.

It could be worse I could be making pizza with the bro. That’s a super hot job when the outdoor temperatures are nearing the 100 mark.

Ma took some pics to show me how things are coming along in the fields on our country roads.

On my last trip the corn was tiny.

Now it’s almost as big as Ma herself.

Can you imagine if everything grew that fast and it’s still not as high as an elephants eye.

The only thing that has reached that height is the poke weed Ma is cultivating in our yard for the blue birds. It’s huge! That great tree like arbuste is all this seasons growth!!!!

The corn looks real pretty especially when contrasted with the wheat that’s now quite golden and ready to harvest.

It’s just amazing that soon it will be flour and then that will be transformed to things I can wrap my chops around.

The miracle of agriculture and food science!


Wagging Tail-774

What is it with women and their need to wear hard wear around their neck?

The good thing is when Mom leaves Mega’s on her it gives her something to chew on and keeps her monstrous trap shut for a while.

She very vain you know so if Ma is wearing her jewels she wants to wear hers too.

Ma says it’s not an exclusively female domain to wear neck wear. I’m keeping any such thoughts well away from here! The only collar for me is the stinky blue one that is obligatory for walks.

PIT has jaws of steel so I keep telling Ma not to let her chew her choker for too long but she doesn’t listen. Just breaks into song which I don’t understand.

Do you get it?

Maybe it’s another girlie thing because I don’t!


Wagging Tail-773

Yesterday was international yoga day. We forgot but our Guru cousin Krishna reminded us.

We do our Sun salutations most days. Although with it also being the summer solstice we don’t always make it out before dawn these mornings.

I am pretty flexible and good at up dogs and down dogs but the Pit has me beat when it comes to stretching.

I am not quite sure how she does it but she manages to elongate her body into a sausage like conformation.

It doesn’t just last for a second either she can stay like that for half an hour.

I believe in a past life she may have lived in an ashram.

Wonder would they take her back I’m fed up being nice to her. She’s very gifted at the prayer pose!


Wagging Tail-772

Since Pits was so pleasant in her posting about my personal training skills I gave her a little slack yesterday. I so totally am a gentle giant!

Ma found a new pod cast about Prince Charles so we all adjourned to our chambers to listen to it.

We played a little then snuggled some and then the little Princess fell asleep.

She was as sweet as that water melon she recommended. I patted her little Pitty head.

It has an addition use that watermelon.

Serves as super strong hair gel for your whiskers when you’ve had a feast on it which we did with Ma.

Gives great definition to color and character of my cruncher and made we feel a bit like I too was born to rule.

Blessing#1373-Styling Support

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