Wagging Tail-821

The bro is easy going. He’d eat almost anything. A bit like his daughter. Nonetheless, Ma asks him every Sunday before she goes to get the groceries if there’s anything he’d fancy.

So yesterday on his way out the door to work he said risotto.

Flip! She had a hard job finding it. I know because I’m left in charge of things here and was on duty from 8:45 till 1:15. I knew they would be away a while because they do Church before grocery but I mean four and a half hours!!

Seems they had to hit three stores before they found the grain in question and nearly fainted when they saw the price of it $8.35 for two pounds!!!! Must have been flown in on private jet from Italy.

Anyway as their search took them in the vicinity of Goodwill Dad requested a detour to look for books, as if he doesn’t have any, and in addition found a jigsaw puzzle of the Taj Mahal. Just what a body needs! Shows he’s in fine form though if he’s on the bargain hunt again.

So what did I do? Kept things in order and people in hand by dreaming of delights!

At the end of the day life is about making people happy and so it was for the bro that the risotto accompanied by plenty of steak did the trick and took him swiftly to the land of nod.


Wagging Tail-820

Sometimes of a Saturday we watch a movie especially if we’re having pizza. It’s like the two things « go together like a whop baba luba and whop bam boom! »

That should give y’all a clue as to what’s coming next.


Ma loves it and I must say I’ve taken a certain partiality to it myself. It elevates the happiness level exponentially!

I pretend I’m Danny

Mum is always Sandy.

So that makes Mega either Frenchie or Rizzo.

I think the latter don’t you!

Even with a wig on there is no hiding naughty! « Tell me more tell me more »

Blessing#1421- Summer Nights!

Wagging Tail-819

This morning I have decided to expound a little on luck.

The inspiration is of course myself.

How fortunate am I to be able to lie snuggled beside a hot human in Ohio when once I was locked up ready for execution in a pound in Texas.

I may have been less than lucky with my haircut this week but then again I am more adorable with a shaggy less functional look.

Ma and Auntie Marsha have been comparing luck as it relates to rain. We have been having localized cloud bursts. A small river was created in the parking lot at the tearoom yesterday while just a few miles away at Marsha’s and here at our place there was not a drop so both ladies have to water their plants!

Here’s the real deal though when it comes to good luck. My cousin Vandana is getting married in October so all the humans are going to the wedding. The demonic presence and myself will not be attending and have been booked into the Four Paws Resort and Spa. I think that’s lucky as it sounds like we will be pampered nicely.

Last weekend Ma also booked the human accommodation and yesterday cousin V was checking on the status of the block of rooms they have been assigned at the hotel and could not find my humans names.

She’s a researcher so she did what researchers do and dug a little deeper into this. Her investigation yielded a splendid result.

My humans reservation was there at the hotel but not in the block allocated for the wedding guests.

So here’s the good news V has everything changed with her contact and the parents and bro pay only half of the original rate!

In Milk Bones that’s about a truck load! Happy Days


Wagging Tail-818

Greetings passionate peeps. I just could not wait another minute to post on the state of the Gizz.

He thinks he’s a hottie.

Well wrong! He is a laughing stock and I am so delighted that he got his comeuppance. After all the mean things he has said about me I can now stick my tongue out at him and smirk.

Truth be told he’s just a fuzzy hot mess. Admit it you are laughing too!

I cannot control my joy that I am sleek and shiny and oh such a very very pretty Pitty

See that smile and those great big beautiful teeth. I am GORGEOUS unlike those who live at my ranch and just think they are!


Wagging Tail-817

Since we, along with more than half the USA are again under heat advisory which essentially means it’s dangerous to stay outside for longer than it takes to pee, a family conference was held to discuss the nature and condition of my coat.

It was deemed too long to survive another round of 100F so immediate action was called for.

My normal groomer is booked out till end September so that wouldn’t help me so the bro found a solution at one of those pet chain stores that offers beautification.

We had to drive about thirty minutes to get to one which was sweet. He stuck around with me for a while but since it was taking time he decided he needed to get food. He needs refueling every two hours. Worse than a supercharged HUMMER he is.

They cut me nice and short all over my body but when they got to my feet and legs I gave them a nice little snarl and they stopped.

Seems this joint doesn’t believe in muzzles or milk bone bribes to get the job done.

Result is I have started a new tend. Ma calls it the Lama.

I call it just perfect. Cool bod big boots! Unique and unmatchable!!!

Blessing#1418-Half Cut

Wagging Tail-816

Yesterday a rare event occurred. Both Mom and the bro had the day off.

Not knowing what to do with all their free time they first made brownies and chocolate chip cookies that smelled so good to one who is fasting. I persisted with my refusal to touch the unadulterated kibble so Ma said it was not her problem and I could starve if I liked.

Secretly though she was feeling sorry for me so she suggested the bro and her take me and Mega to the dog park to try to work up my appetite. So we hopped in the car, me up front and Meg in the trunk and off we went.

Meg had never been to the dog park before as Ma didn’t want to risk taking her alone and not being able to control her if she got out of hand.

She needn’t have worried. When we got there there wasn’t a soul.

All the dogs were at the dog beach and in the lake but Ma said we weren’t going in there as Meg had just been groomed and she didn’t want her to get stinky again.

So we played in the park.

It was a lot of fun and we didn’t fight even for one minute.

We were both quite exhausted so Ma expected I’d eat a good dinner.

Not me. Drank a bowl of water and ate not one piece of kibble. Mega was happy that she’d scored again.

I’m serious. Unless that stuff is dressed up I’m shunning it for good. It’s not worth the consequences.

Still we had a great day even if my tummy is a little rumbly. Maybe we need some more family time like this to help build up our appreciation of each other.

Blessing#1417-Day Out

Wagging Tail-815

I have initiated a period of prayer and fasting as I still have the runs.

Mom at first felt sorry for me but has since become mad as a hatter with the amount of cleaning she has been forced to do.

Fasting in our home is particularly difficult when temptation is great. Invariably some crumbs (make that fries) fall from the overflowing plate of my brother.

I’m resisting though.

The vacuum has benefited from my condition because she wraps her chops around all of my uneaten kibble.

She has given me time to rest and has taken to watching the news as a distraction.

Apart from the tummy all other functions are fine and I did my usual circuit of the retreat this morning.

Blessing#1416- Recovery

Wagging Tail-814

When we were out for our morning constitutional yesterday it was delightfully cool. Even a little chilly.

That may explain why right after picking up Auntie Denise we happened on two fawn lying under a big old tree.

They didn’t see us until after Denise took their photos and then they up sticks and took off.

Usually we see the fawns with their Moms but maybe she was having a break.

We wondered if one was our Memorial who would be two months old now.

We’ve seen deer in the yard since her birth but so far this year no return visit from fawns.

Let’s hope it was her and that she had a brother or sister.


Wagging Tail-813

Greeting passionate peeps this is your very own smug Pitty speaking.

Do you want to know a secret?

Remember yesterday Granny told you about the stink the Gizzard was making. Well it was more than gas.

When she eventually got up and went to the bathroom a certain canine not far from my left ear had been there before her. He’d left a big present just in front of the shower.

Now if I’d done that she’d have had my guts for garters but oh no. When we went out walking she told the neighbors about how smart he was that he’d gone to the bathroom all by himself and not caused a mess on the carpet. Pitty your PITTY please!

Is that fair? I ask you. When I do even the smallest little oopsie she’s at me and Grandpa is even worse. With him I can’t even spill water without getting an earful.

Anyway the Gizz had to lie low all day and I walked around with my nose in the air sniffing up the bleach and feigning I was faint. Clorox shares will rise on Monday. It was everywhere.

That bathroom needed a clean anyway and those mats are now pure as the driven snow.

I still am smirking though. He’ll not tell me what to do for the next week at least.

Blessing #1414-Bathroom Break

Wagging Tail-812

I’ve been awake for a while not feeling good.

I woke Ma up at 4:45 with my retching so she’s not chuffed.

Nothings coming up but I am also emitting noxious fumes. Ma has inspected the whole room but there is no trace of any production.

There now didn’t that get your weekend off to a less than good start.

To make up for it I’ll now try to crack you up with a few more pleasant thoughts.

When in doubt resort to chicken. Even for jokes for a grumpy Mama.

If that fails tell old dog tales about when you were just a puppy and super cute. Puppy’s melt hearts.

Finally if she is still huffing and puffing and bemoaning the fact that she has to do everything in this house and that she can’t even get a decent sleep remind her that bears and dogs are close cousins.


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