Wagging Tail-627

Ma was wrong about spring. Winter digs in deeper by the day.

We couldn’t go further than the end of the street this morning or we’d seriously have had frostbite.

Now I have to endure a day with Dad! At least it’s toasty inside.

Ma has driven off into the big blue yonder early because the heating was working so hard it tripped the fuse at the Tearoom. Fortunately the tenant who rents the apartment above was home and able to flip it back on

Ma is in one of those « I wish we had moved back to Switzerland » moods. This, today was swiftly followed by a lament along the lines of « I wish I’d never laid eyes on this stupid old building. What a mistake. I’m such a fool » Why didn’t I just content myself with my little antique booth instead of making this headache for myself »

I do my best to comfort her and help her get through her soul searching.

The drive to and from work also does something to partially restore her sanity.

In spite of frozen rivers

Tundra plains and frozen farm land

There’s a kettle to boil and a cuppa to make when she gets there to warm her heart a little even if there are no customers.

Of course for the return the reward is always me. See if she’d gone back to Switzerland we’d never have met and that would have been terrible. A loss greater than any trouble!

Blessing#1228-T for Terrier

Wagging Tail-626

It’s so pretty outside with the bright blue skies and the new fall of snow.

Very cold on the old tootsies though.

Ma and me and the tike were all slip sliding around on our morning outing. Even my super gripper paws weren’t sticking.

Ma said though that she’s smelling spring in the air! The days are longer and everyone is perking up!

Dad got out too to Tuesday Morning Group. He’s feeling so good he almost went without oxygen. I advised though that it’s best to take it just in case he needs a puff in the cold. I am all for taking care of people I love.

Ma went out to get the groceries after she dropped Dad home. We’re having BIG steaks for dinner since the bro is off today. She had to buy half a cow. I am torture free as the THING is cuddling with him. Poor Ma also had to haul home another 40 lb bag of kibble she can hardly lift it poor old soul. That spawn of Satan just sucks it in and will the death of my poor Ma!

She rewarded herself by going for a haircut. As she said she didn’t just need it she deserved it.

Can’t say I see much difference she could have bought the other half of that cow for me!

Blessing#1227-Chuck and Chop

Wagging Tail-625

It is another bitterly cold day and snowing to boot so we got a very short trot.

My sleepiness therefore cannot be attributed to exertion unless that is chewing is considered an exercise.

I was so busy eating this morning I am exhausted.

Yesterday Ma boiled this huge meaty bone that was the leftover of the bargain ham she snagged in Aldi last week. It smelt so good.

Overnight she put the big pot out in the screen porch which serves as our winter refrigerator.

This morning all the fat had solidified on top and guess what she scrapped it all off and heated it in the microwave for me. It was then poured over my kibble and I crunched mightily.

The niece was still in bed so I had peace to clean up my whole bowl.

To say I am full is an understatement. I won’t need nourishment for a week.

The skimmed base has now been combined with a lot of peas and other veggies.

It’s now percolating away in the slow cooker so Ma has nothing to do tonight when she comes home from work except love on me and eat!

Never had pea soup.

Sounds too healthy and looks too green but maybe by then I’ll have slept off my earlier excess and will give it a slurp.

Blessing#1226-Taking Stock

Wagging Tail-624

There is a beautiful little blizzard happening outside with big chunky snowflakes falling.

It started when Ma and Pa went to Church. It was Dad’s first day back at the Sunday service since September. I took care of guarding as the bro is at his friends for the weekend.

It looks so pretty I could gaze at it all day. It’s sort of hypnotic and means Mum will stay home all afternoon with me. We will have a snooze later but for now we are looking through Facebook.

We read this funny from memories and it got us thinking. Nothing like a bit of philosophy on a Sunday afternoon.

Why do critters have tails and why are they so different.

Mine is curling and decorative like a bouffant hair style. It adorns me with an air of grandeur that Louis the Sixteenth would have envied.

The spawn of Satan has on the other hand has a projectile that looks and moves like a ballistic missile.

We hit on this post from my favorite site Woof Woof about a dog that can jump to incredible heights and do many other tricks.

This gave us our theory.

We have all different types of tails because we are all made for different duties.

That dog needs his to propel him and give him balance.

Mine is to be regal even imperial.

The tikes is to torture and terrorize.

A good reason I propose to lock her up and loose the key.


Wagging Tail-623

Hi dear peeps it your Pitty Pups Princess publishing tonight.

I have been resting most of the day as beauty sleep is vital for one as wonderful as me.

When it’s chilly like today I have to bounce rather than walk to keep warm and need to recuperate.

Granny being old can’t thermoregulate quite as well as me. So I have to warm her up with love and licking when we get home.

I also get quite exhausted growing. The grey gizzard is but a chipmunk compared to me now!

It seems no time since I was a teacup like this little woof woof lady.

I’m still my Granny’s baby girl though.

If I keep whispering sweet nothings in her ear that’s the way I’ll stay too! I’ll put old grumpy’s nose right out of joint


Wagging Tail-622

Ma is mad. That would be in two regards, crazy and angry!

If she has no customers at the Tearoom instead of packing up and going home to take me for a trot she goes shopping.

Now fortunately her hunt for treasures does not lead her to expensive stores to make massive expenditures. Still costs accumulate!

Yesterday she was tickled pink that she found this “darling old children book” published in 1960 so certainly vintage almost an antique. Just like herself!!!!

She was all ohs and ahs about how sweet it was. Poor Dad has been charged to inspect it in detail today!

It may indeed be beautiful but I wasn’t having anything to do with being like a critter from a nursery rhyme or a feel good fable!

I tried to kill the kid.

She went after all the bones again so there was motive in my movements but Ma got so angry I had to beat the retreat under the table.

You just gotta get life in perspective. It’s not make believe. Territory is territory and I’m very territorial! No cloud cuckoo’s here please we have enough trouble with a certain princess!


Wagging Tail-621

I’m on the banter early because I’ve nothing else to do.

Ma had me up at 5:30 because she has to take Dad to see the cardiologist this morning and the appointment is at 7:40 so they had to leave at 7:00.

It’s a whole rigmarole getting the meds done and the coffee made and me fed and watered so the poor woman needs a bit of time to wrap her head around the day not to mention finding clothes that fit. She’s getting a little chunky!

The cardiologist is Ma’s favorite of Dad’s many docs as she reckons he’s very pragmatic whatever that means. He has a funny name too that fits his profession. He’s called Dr GOODLIVE!!

Anyway he starts work early so here I am guarding the homestead.

I begged to go along too but Ma said it was way to cold and she’d be arrested if anyone saw me sitting in the car.

They’ll be home soon I hope.

Maybe they’ll bring donuts.

In the meantime I’ll rest and maybe nibble a little kibble as the bro and his spawn of Satan snore. I might even dream that she disappears in a puff of smoke!


Wagging Tail-620

I am totally exhausted and glad Ma has gone back to work today because yesterday the niece was with us ALL DAY.

She is guarding the house while I snooze as she has been promoted by me to second lieutenant!

She even was allowed into Ma’s boudoir yesterday which is exclusively my domain to have a siesta with us. I could have murdered her but she was quiet and did not snore which is a minor miracle.

After that we made shortbread in some lovy dovy shape since valentines is approaching and that is the current theme at the tearoom.

I oversaw the work but her nibs was doing a good job cleaning the floor.

She eats raw flour which is not good for you but no matter how much I try to talk to her she persists.

Ma said since we were both good and didn’t go at each other’s throats we could have the rejects. Alas there were only four!

I loved it when Ma messed up more. Now she’s into weights and measures so defect rate has diminished.

Maybe I’ll cause a rumpus next time!

Blessing#1122-Sweet Hearts

Wagging Tail-619

Have you ever seen a Pitty ice skate? Ours can. She’s all about poses and pirouettes.

She has been watching way too much TV and needs a good pair of biker boots to keep her grounded.

Shame Ma needs two hands to hold us or we could have TicToked it all for you.

She must think that because the Chinese decor is up she’s destined for Beijing.

She has illusions of grandeur.

I put it all down to her father.

He has whispered too many sweet nothings in her ear about being a winner and never giving up.

Just because he’s Chinese doesn’t mean she can claim the race.

Mind you she does like red and bears some resemblance to that little lady from the Beijing summer games that we always have on display at this time of year!!!

Maybe we should ship her over and hope she never returns!!


Wagging Tail-618

Heh y’all Prettiest Pitty here.

Something very strange happened overnight.

My whole world went white.

It’s all over the place and is sooooooooo cold on my Pitty Paws.

It sure tastes yummy though.

We couldn’t go walking as Granny was too cold. It’s not just slippery it’s very windy so she’d be frozen.

We have to take care of her as she is the one who does everything for us.

Uncle Scooby was very vocal in guarding us when Mr Adam came to dig out our driveway and clear our path.

The Gizz is coaching me on barking but I’m not quite ready yet for the front window job.

Guard Duties

Here’s a little video of my progress. Aren’t I the big brave.

Love y’all. Stay safe and warm and send me snacks.


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