Wagging Tail-893

Precious Peeps it’s posing PITS Perfect.

What a crazy lazy day we had yesterday.

Granny didn’t need much persuasion to stay home.

We just did nothing. Well nearly nothing.

We hung out together.

Chewed a little

Watched TV. That Family Guy is so funny.

Baked a Berry Bundt

Ate it, had a snooze and then had the pizza that Dad brought home the night before.

We could have done so much like the housework that never gets tackled but I’m so glad I told Granny « just veg »

Blessing#1594-Home Bodies

Wagging Tail-892

We just woke up and already we have a dilemma to deal with.

Will we or won’t we work?

A Level 2 snow emergency has been issued for our area which means don’t go on the roads unless you absolutely have to.

However the forecast says the snow is turning to rain by 10:00 so it will just be a wet mess of a drive if Ma were to leave then.

There are no reservations today so I’m leaning towards convincing her to stay home and snuggle. Who in their right mind is going to pop in for tea in a day like this!

What do you think?

Blessing#1593-Any Excuse

Wagging Tail-891

Everyone who has a human knows what it’s like when they go out at night and leave you at home.

You wait and wait and wait and wonder and wonder and wonder will they come back soon. You listen for the car and the garage door opening and then you wait some more. Soon it’s time to check out the bedroom just in case they sneaked in a different door. No they didn’t so back to lookout position number one.

Well here’s the thing guess what?

See our deer well they have started to do this too.

They camp outside our garage and wait for our humans to come home. Ma had her phone handy so she got a clear pic of them last night. Posers.

Maybe it’s because that Memorial one was born in our yard. I’m a bit miffed about all this but Ma says not to worry they are no competition for me. I’m her one and only.

It’s all very exhausting especially this competition. I just fade as soon as Ma hangs up the car keys and sits down.

Blessing#1592-Conking Out

Wagging Tail-890

Precious Peeps it’s PITS Perfect and I am definitely a fan of the Water Bunny.

She brought us a great start to the year.

Lots of snow which meant the plans for the humans to go out celebrating were scuppered.

Instead we got to have lots of fun in the white fluffy stuff.

My pen pal Libby Grace sent me pics of her and her Dad. They also were grounded.

Granny had to do what all Chinese Grannies do on New Year she made dumplings.

In theory all family members are meant to help but you know how it goes when there is a big football game on TV. Men!!!!

They were tasty little treats. Bit like bunny ears aren’t they?

Thank goodness granny made a mountain.


Wagging Tail-989

It’s great that my bro is Chinese because we get to have two New Year’s. So to all of you a very happy year of the water bunny.

Ma has bedecked the front door with red ornaments for good luck and as always the fireplace is festooned with auspicious sayings that someone more skilled in the language can translate.

Many of the lanterns and little soft toys have been lifted to higher elevation lest the roaring dragon has a go at them.

This year is symbolic of the softest of all creatures in the zodiac so we are reminded to get on with it and be as they are « quietly confident and kind »

I’ll try my best! As for now I plan to get my teeth into one of the gigantic donuts Ma has procured for our brekkie to get things off to a sweet start. She didn’t quite get round to making the cake. Maybe for Easter!!

Blessing# 1590-Hopping Along

Wagging Tail-988

For some days I have been reflecting on a post I saw concerning the alarming price of eggs.

In Ohio, considered a farming state, the dirty dozen has escalated from $1.50 to $4.00 over the past year. If you go organic add $2.00.

This concerns me as I like a scrambler now and then but Ma has stopped making them for me. « Too expensive for you Scooby »

People are even starting to keep hens as pets which concerns me somewhat. If Ma were to do this there would be a blood bath for sure with Jaws around.

Regardless that is not the point of my post.

When I saw the above I immediately thought of eggs. What would a precious child of today be named?

Ei, perhaps if Germanic in origin, Oeuf if the parents were francophiles, Ovum or Ova for a little classical twist. Huevos is not bad I suppose as you could use Hue for short.

This morning though it hit me the name of the moment just has to be Humpty.

Get it? Aren’t I funny and it’s not even Friday!!!!!!!

I must speak to H&M in case they produce a number three.

Blessing #1589-Crack Ups

Wagging Tail-987

As you are aware I’m a gifted individual.

An intellectual who keeps the books for the business.

A brave guard of the homestead

A kind and comforting nurse to ANYONE in need !

One thing I refuse to do though is dust

See I told you I’m an smart. Be smart and follow me!!!!


Wagging Tail-986

Cousin Krishna sends us jokes every day to get me in a good mood. It helps me deal with trouble that currently is slumbering sweetly in another room.

This morning the cartoon gave me a smile and got me all nostalgic for a good road trip.

We always play the game « spot the states » the person who gets the furthest away wins. If we’re doing a really long journey then we count the number of states we see. Ma and the bro got well into the thirties on one trip but they were going to the Deep South.

At this time of year it’s usually too cold for me to go with Ma to work as I have to sit in the car while she’s in the tearoom.

Maybe if it’s a good day next Monday when she is off I’ll see if she’d take us all out.

Now all I need to do is study up on where to go. That’s part of the fun! Oh and how to get TROUBLE into the Trunk! She ain’t sharing the back seat of my Aretha!

Blessing#1587-Map Quests

Wagging Tail-985

Passionate Pitty Peeps big thanks for all your get well wishes.

I am almost back to Perfection.

The tummy tickles were still a trifle troubling throughout the day but by evening I was calming down.

The Gizz was attentive to my affliction. Funny how he can be good when I’m bad.

I almost exterminated him and the humans with some seriously smelly toots even my Dad said I was gassing like an elephant.

Sure clears your head as well as the room. Gives you so much peace to just chew!

Blessing#1586-Stink Bombs

Wagging Tail-984

Passionate Peeps I am a Poorly Pitty.

You know I have the constitution of an ox and a lead strong stomach but yesterday I felt miserable like a very old lady.

Half way to the park I puked up all my brekkie. Three big piles of it that poor old Granny had to pick up of the road. Auntie Denise said it could have been worse it could have been on the carpet.

We proceeded undeterred but within a few minutes I had the runs and it was all bloody.

Granny was racking her brain as to what I might have eaten. Speculation ranged from socks to soap to sweeties to soda since these are scattered systematically all around my Dads bedroom. Apart from this the Gizz and me ate all the same things.

It was only after much winding back of the memory’s tape that the light dawned. Granny had had sardines in hot sauce for lunch and when she opened the tin she spilled some of the sauce on the kitchen floor. Of course I’d sprung to her rescue and quickly cleaned it up. Bingo!

That’s me off the Tabasco for life. Maybe sardines too since they are pretty stinky!

Please pray I will be able to eat enough today to catch up on yesterday’s imbalance as I may fade away to nothing.


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