Wagging Tail-525

Prior to the arrival of the Behemoth I had a very refined eating pattern.

I was given my bowls of fresh kibble and water at breakfast time and nibbled on them throughout the day.

Dad would top up what was left at dinner time and to amplify my appetite he’d add morsels of tender meats and gravy!

All that is now out the window.

Ma fires a bowl of dreariness in front of me as soon as we rise and says « get it into you quick son before the monster stirs »

I can only manage what is needed to maintain life it is so boring.

There is no waste though. Big ears eats everything I leave in twenty seconds flat and then thats it till Ma gets back from work.

People who pay for this type of dietetic torture need to get a Nala never mind NOOM!

Blessing #1126– Hunger

Wagging Tail-525

This morning my cousin Krishna sent Ma a joke from India.

It got me thinking we all have different heads.

We have our I am concentrating on the road ahead head.

We have our I am listening to every word you are saying head.

Our I am happy and beautiful and this would be a very good time to take my photo face.

The I am extremely busy and important and am way ahead of you look and finally the face we want no one to see:

The I am bored and fed up with all of you and want to be left alone!

Which head have you on today?

Blessing #1126-Profiles

Wagging Tail-524

My Mom loves dogs.

She has even warmed to my nasty niece.

She has doggy things all around the store.

From fine art

to books




plant holders

even bells

there are dogs for every occasion

So if you humans know humans who like canines tell them to get over to Booming Blessings Tea and Treasure and buy some so Ma can make some dough and get me treats!

Blessing #1125-Post Shares

Wagging Tail-523

It beautiful here blue skies and perfect temperature for a big morning walk.

When we got back from the park there was a whole hullabaloo on TV about people flying into space.

One of them is a very ancient being who at one time was an intergalactic superstar.

While we were waiting for them to take off Ma cleaned our kitchen blinds and windows.

It took her longer to do this than the time these people were in orbit.

Isn’t it stupid. Humans can conquer space but they still have to battle dust. Basically it’s all the same stuff!

She was rewarded for her labors when she eventually made it to work with a visit from a Monarch.

It landed right at her shop door appropriately on one of the butterfly bushes my Auntie Laura gave her.

Like me I bet this beauty is happy as can be with life right here on earth.

Blessing #1124– Flyers

Wagging Tail-522

Big ears has got her big teeth.

She sticking them into all sorts of things like my toys!

If she goes anywhere near the treats my dear Dad is giving me again on the sly I’ll demolish her.

She has invaded ever aspect if my life.

Got her big stupid paws into everything.

Heck she has even taken my place on the sofa to observe the comings and goings.

The only thing she’s good for is a fight. Keeps me on my toes!

Blessing #1123-Nemesis

Wagging Tail-521

There’s a whole lot of fuss going on about girls today.

Personally I feel they are grossly over rated.

Until recently my benchmark was my sainted mother who is extraordinary and my hero!

Now though my experience is that girls are generally gross.

They eat way too much, hog all the fun things and get far too much attention.

Totally unfair and unbalanced.

When’s boys day?

Blessing #1122-Equality

Wagging Tail-520

My Mom is an airhead aka a space cadet aka a balloon!

Dad is back in business arguing with the bro, screaming at the niece and even yapping at me!

He and me were checking the bills while Ma went to petition the Almighty to protect us when we uncovered a flaw in Mothers footwork.

She’d mailed the electric bill without putting in the check! Why you may well ask in this day of online solutions are we still using checks and pigeon post. Well thats because Dad likes it that way!

So when herself returned from Church he pointed the finger at the written check still in the book and she had to admit defeat!

SWEET DREAMS for me a dash to the post was called for!

We whizzed off into the sunshine like Bonnie and Clyde leaving the desperate demon at home!

It was delightful! Windows down barking at bicyclist and joggers and all my pal behind their electric fences!

God definitely heard my plea for some time out and maybe in hindsight was looking over all of us spotting that mistake before we got cut off the grid!

Blessing #1121-Light&Power

Wagging Tail-519

Ma is threatening a trip to the beauty parlor for me.

I said she could take the demon instead and leave her there. Just get her out of my hair!

Ma said its me who needs the hair off not your woman.

Seems she is the sort whose hair doesn’t grow.

It is real thin too. You can literally see through her ears.

That’s why she gets all shivery when she gets wet.

Can’t wait for winter. With a bit of luck she’ll freeze to death!

Blessing #1120-Insulation

Wagging Tail-518

The demon killed my piggy. Made bacon of the lovely pinkie that I had nurtured for all these months.

The bro recognized my loss and has compensated by bringing me a hedgehog.

He got one also for his daughter.

They even match our colorings.

He gave it to me last night just as I was entering the land of nod. It did help me sleep well.

BUT! Just hope he doesn’t think this will impact my attitude towards her.

I loved that little piggy! Her innards are everywhere!


Wagging Tail-517

The sunrise was spectacular this morning as these photos Auntie Denise took attest to.

Really a burning ring of fire sort of start to the day and a balmy 70F to boot at 7:30 am!

As you can see the tike is tuning into a giant.

Ma said she wasn’t gaining enough weight so this past week she upped her portion size and today she is 25lbs. That is what I weighed at one year and she is not yet six months. Aunty Denise has named her the DYSON!

I think she is more like a bulldozer than a cleaner but either way, while I am still bigger, I’m getting ready to throw her under that 7:35 bus!

Blessing #1118-Superiors