Wagging Tail- 167

Feels like summer is back in full force. Tad toasty today.

This morning I though Ma was never going to take me out. She started cleaning. That’s a rare event but when the force strikes her she moves from one place to another like a tornado.

Finally she was ready to go when she noticed a plate holder had no plate. That had to be sorted swiftly. So she dug into her Autumn collection and took out a pretty one Auntie Laura bought her some years ago.

It’s framed by her Granny Barr’s twin China dogs so she had to send a pic of it to Laura to show how well it looked.

This got her thinking of her Granny so when we were out that’s what she was doing as we walked and walked and walked some more.

All of a sudden she stops dead and says « that’s it at last I’ve got it, you remind me of Nora ». Well thanks Ma that’s a real complement! A butch guy like me looks like a gal!

As soon as we got home she digs in this really old photo album. Seems as a little girl her Daddy bought her a dog to push so she could practice walking.

The dog name well what else but Nora. It is everywhere in early pics of herself and her parents and here is the connection with her Granny Barr too!

OK I do see a slight resemblance!

It didn’t end there though. It wouldn’t be the weekend if we didn’t rummage. Believe it or not we found a twin for the doggie door stop she found a few weeks ago only this one is meant for the smallest room!

Three sets of twins in one morning can only spell one thing! Snap!

Blessing # 829 – Dogs Days

Wagging Tail- 166

Sometimes you need a little lift. I got one in more ways than one as the bro came home for the weekend.

Ma got one too. She hadn’t seen Auntie Denise for a week or so because Denise had hurt her foot and couldn’t walk with us. She is feeling much better now and stopped by to say hello.

She is right up there on my list of extra special loving humans. So I made sure she knew it

She brought us a super duper bunch of flowers so we’re all bright and beautiful for a lovely weekend.

Blessing # 828 – Surprises and Visits.

Wagging Tail – 165

Ma ran out of her usual breakfast cereal so she had to go back to porridge. Heaven help me she better go shopping soon.

That stuff is potent. It gave her all this energy and she took it out on me.

She doesn’t realize my poor feet suffer on those gravel paths. I thought this one would never end.

We went back in time passing ancient prehistoric earthworks and also climbed to the top of a burial mound that dates back thousands of years. It was built by the Adena tribe.

We got to thinking about all the people and puppies who walked this Cayote Trail. Wonder what they were fueled with? Probably one of those fish and egg regimes.

Just imagine though the footprints they left behind. A tad deeper than those I left in our car!

It’s enough to give you an appetite even for something as stodgy as oats!

Blessing # 827 – Ancient Ways

Wagging Tail – 164

Dad and I had to take care of ourselves most of the day as herself was at « the project ». We relaxed while she went nuts.

She had to meet the plumber to discuss possibilities for three well sinks, hand washing sink, mop sinks, handicap toilets and various other pipes and traps that all sound terrible troublesome.

Never did making a cup of tea and dishing up a scone with a drop of jam and cream ever seem so impossibly complicated or costly!!

The plumper it seems was encouraging though so that spurred her on to the kitchen supply store to look at the options.

The outcome for me meant a short walk this evening as she’s going out again tonight.

It worked out well though as she gave me the gravy that oozed out of the burgers she fried for her and Dad.

Grease traps eat your heart out. I’ll just do a few down dogs!

Oh and I forgot to tell you she’s all delighted because the electrician is working at getting her fire exit signs and smoke alarms set up!

Doesn’t take much to make her happy!

Blessing # 826 – Ins and Outs

Wagging Tail – 163

The first day of “fall” as they say here and what a beautiful day it has been.

All our annuals have got a second wind so Ma is watering them as it’s very dry to try to keep them going for another month or so.

The bees are happy too and Ma is particularly pleased that a chrysanthemum she planted in the yard last year has started to bloom.

Usually they don’t make it here in Ohio because the winters are so cold but this one must be hardy like me.

It’s perfect walking weather so I grabbed my leash and told Ma we had to get out and make the most of it.

We went back to the Meadow and White Tail Trails.

It’s such fun but has some consequences. All these sticky things get in my hair. So when we get back I have to go belly up to get them all picked out.

Herself tries to be gentle so I can’t complain too much. Anything’s worth it for that walk in the woods

Blessing # 825 – Compromise

Wagging Tail – 162

Today we took it easy after yesterday’s exertions although I was in the dog house for a short period.

Ma and Pa’s pals who have moved to Florida stopped by this morning to say hello. They were on the way to their daughters place in Chicago.

They’d only met me once before and that was late in the evening when I was quite exhausted. They were unprepared for my morning exuberance.

I jumped all over them! Ma had to take me in hand and eventually she threw me out on the patio with a dental chew to shut me up.

It was good to meet these dear friends and love on them as much as I was permitted. They are favorites of the bro’s so he extended his weekend to greet them too.

He has since decided to extend it further and eat with us before heading back to the dorm. I think he misses our food if nothing else!

Can’t say I’m sorry as he messes around with me and took me for a little hike today too. I love him.

Ma is making him his requested favorite food of breaded chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. It would seem she’s friends with me again too as she tossed in all the little broken chicken bits for me.

That cuddling up and looking angelic does the trick every time!

Blessing # 824 – Forgiven

Wagging Tail – 161

After Church Ma rushed Dad and me into the car. We’re going to a liquidation sale she said!

It’s was of no significance to me where we were going as long as I got to ride with the windows down. That wind in your face is fab fun! 

It was a cool day so they didn’t worry about leaving me in the car with the windows open. It gets a bit boring though if there is no one to bark at.

After about ten minutes she came back to tell me I’d have to be patient as she’d bought a whole table full of china for the project!

Flip! Wrapping that will take for ever I thought! I gave her the evil eye and that worked.

As it happened she was swift because at the price she paid she could afford to break a few bits.

It didn’t end there though. Dad spotted two boxes of water glasses and she spotted a screen. All were must haves!

By the time They got it all in the back there was hardly room for me to breathe.

It was all solid too not a drop of liquid in sight! The screen is pretty smart I must say. I could hide behind that nicely

The best of all though was a dolls china tea set. Dad found it and herself nearly fainted when she saw the name!

Nothing other than Teatime Treasures! Just add an and and we have our name!

Blessing # 823 – Meant to Be

Wagging Tail – 160

Our final day on the park challenge had us going round in circles. We knew we had two more parks to hit to meet our goal.

Try as we might it was impossible to find an entrance into Oak Ridge even though we drove past the address five times. Nothing if not determined my Ma.

So to avoid me passing out or suffering a malaise she decided to head to the other one we hadn’t explored. Alas it is still a work in progress!

By now my desire to pee had escalated to urgency so I told her to put the pedal down and get us to the nearest possible tree.

So agreed and we ended up back where we started at Adventure park. This time we did the sights and watched a lot of people.

Skate board dudes, basket ball high schoolers, climbing frames toddlers, Girl Scouts and even a group of ladies dressed in salwar kameeze like my auntie Hema wears exploring big trees!

I let kids pet me as I’m a decent sort and they all think I’m so sweet.

Little do they know that I’m a giant of a soul. Just like my shadow that has been walking with me and another huge person all week long.

Blessing # 822 – Adventurers

Wagging Tail – 159

Our park target for the week is paying off great for me. Shame Ma’s project isn’t advancing as well.

She is possessed that she’ll work out how to get the plans drawn all my herself. She keeps hitting brick walls though! Today’s upside was that she got the third quote on the HVAC system so was chewing her fingers as to which one to pick! This called for fresh air!

So off we went once more to yet another of the towns parks. This one we’d never even heard of let alone been even though our family have lived here for ten years!

It was so worth the visit. A beautiful spot with two trails. Ironically located on Seldom Seen Road.

We took both trails and will let the pictures speak for themselves.

I found a great little hiding place that would be ideal for hunting down a bunny or two if herself would let me spend the night alone.

Definitely we’ll be going back
We just got a first taste of what the fall colors might look like today! Herself also got her head cleared and made a decision on the HVAC so we’re on the way to both heating and cooling!

Blessing # 821 – Road Less Travelled

Wagging Tail – 158

This morning I alerted Ma to the trespassers in our yard. I got rid of them pretty fast too!

She appreciated and took me on a park crawl.

We hit Adventure Park, the Village Green and Library Park in one walk. Made up for yesterday and the days not done yet! We snagged some nice weeds down by the railroad tracks. Anyone know what they are?

I suspected there may have been and alternative motive for her pampering when she put some poop in a bag and slung it in the car.

Indeed after a bit of freshening up next up she wheels me back into the car and off we went to the vets.

It was that time of year to pretend you are a pin cushion.

I endured stoically but man am I glad I’m declared a super healthy hero and am back home again in my own kitchen!

Hoping for some special treat to compensate for my suffering this evening! Seems I need to get a dental chew a day to keep my pearlies polished! Yummy Mummy!

Blessing # 820 – Annual Events