Wagging Tail-358

Auntie Denise is back from Oregon which is a mercy because Ma and had to catch up on all her news so I got a decent trot early this morning.

After that the Sphinx moved more than me.

Dad and I were left home alone once more as Ma went to meet the Director of Public Health to have him assess her step up. He gave her the thumbs up. Hallelujah!

After that Auntie Laura came a hundred miles to help Ma with picture hanging. She is really super smart and handled this like a professional. Seems she’s had lots of experience.

While Laura was busy Ma did a little laundry. Having no washing line or dryer she strung her lace on the fence.

Bet people did that back in the day. All in keeping with the old place

Blessing # 1059 – Art & Old Lace

Wagging Tail-357

Dad had a doctors appointment this morning so that meant Ma and me got a walk around town while we waited for him.

We usually do this walk in the afternoon but it sure is pretty in the morning when no one is around.

All the tress are getting blossom or greening up.

Birds of all shape and sizes are making a lot of noise.

The pretty blue birds are so small it’s hard to catch a good pic of them and no photo can do justice to the beauty of their blue.

The geese are everywhere right now making a racket and when they fly overhead you pray they don’t poop because those guys are BIG BIRDS.

It was a great start to the day but then herself took off without me.

Nothing for it but Dad and a dose.

Blessing # 1058 – Primetime

Wagging Tail 356

We were up and on the road before 8:00.

The sun was just rising at the beach when we stopped to let me get comfortable.

It was a brief séjour. On we went to the project.

I had to stay in the car as herself was ripping up the last carpet and that meant naughty nails were everywhere. Fortunately she removed all the art work from the car or I wouldn’t have been able to move..We’d brought a mountain of it to the house today.

She got on so well with He carpet lifting that we went to get paint to replace it. This floor is going to be white as it’s Ye Olde Homestead Kitchen.

She’s not fussing too much about it so we got back on the road home by 4:15 with a little stop at the graveyard for a trot.

I feel happy that we’re seeing progress every day and that I’m part of the adventure.

Blessing # 1057 – Whiteout

Wagging Tail-355

What a beautiful day it has been. Glorious sunshine and some warmth in the air too. Ma has been singing along to YouTube since we got up. I just sit up and put up with it.

She is missing being home in Ireland at Holy Trinity Ballylesson where Easter is always beautiful.

She got a good pic of the place though from the HTB website to reassure her it’s still there.

She misses the expanse of daffodils in Ireland as you can see in this lovely pic of our little Luna taken yesterday in Co Down.

Chuffed though her own little patch of daffodils have lifted up their heads again after the frost. Some are snipped and brightening up our home too.

We have been sampling cookies or as the Brits call them biscuits. We’re selecting the best for the tearoom. A cup of tea and a plate of biscuits is a very British thing. Simple as it seems it will be on the menu. I’ll hold on the tea but those nomnoms are yummy.

Mom was delighted today that she got a very special Easter egg for her venture. It’s a beautiful silver water jug.

Pastor Dave, who is one of my greatest admirers gave it to her this mornings. It’s all shining like a mirror and you can see inside it. A bit like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It will hold a pride of place at Tea and Treasures and be a memory of a fine Easter Day

Blessing # 1056 – Renewed

Wagging Tail-354

We saw a sad sight on the trail this morning a poor dead bunny. It was a big one too must have been taken out by a cayote. Or maybe, like Benjamin, it had been on the salad and was having a snooze.

Fortunately we saw another equally as big a few steps further along bounding along like billy-o. The species is safe!

Bunny’s are really big around here at Easter. They come in all shapes and forms. Fluffy, stone, glass, metal, ornamental, toys, you name it it can be bunnified.

Ma had been trying to sell some at the store with limited success. So far only one furry one has found a new home.

She’s hopeful though that this cute planter might disappear today as she’s moved it to the most prominent position.

Unlike other parts of the world no one seems interested in eating the real thing here but chocolate and cookie consumables abound. Not sure I’ll be having any though as « chocolate is not good for you Scooby » according to her highness.

Oh well no doubt there’ll be some delight in store if I keep her sweet for the rest of the day. No lettuce though thanks all the same!

Blessing # 1055 – Cuddly

Wagging Tail-353

Another day another road trip to the project. YES! I love it!

Ma and I were deep cleaning. All that’s in a space that needs no more work is now sparkling. That Murphy’s is great stuff!

Ma says there’s another Murphy’s that she’d kill for and that’s even better but it could make me feel too frisky or even knock me out!

After work we went to the lake and discovered three young men playing frisbee.

This looked like great fun. Seems it’s the new golf. We’d not heard of this before but the guys told us it’s taking off like crazy.

Such a fabulous idea. You can play it anywhere and get all that good air your lungs.

Better still it’s so dog friendly. I’m going to have a word with the bro. I’d caddy that frisbee for free.

Blessing # 1054 – New Game

Wagging Tail-352

I’m exhausted. Can’t keep the peepers open.

Briefly, been busy.

Went to work with Mom.

Cleaned and painted washroom. Including the ugly pipe that is destined to become a tree or some sort of vegetation.

Painted ceiling. Too boring to picture.

Hugged the plumbers who love me and watched them work.

Went to the beach as a treat on the way home.

Made Ma happy with kisses

Hasta manana.

Blessing # 1053 – Drained!

Wagging Tail-351

Each day has its ups! Best example for me is getting a walk even if in the rain.

It’s not unusual to have a little down turn too.

Ma went painting which is an up for her.

The down was a big one. After hours doing fine work on the front of the house she spilled a half tin of paint all over the front step.

It was dark paint too.

Took her nearly as long to clean that up as doing the painting itself.

She says she felt like her Mum who scrubbed the front step regularly as all good Ulster housewives did back in the day.

For heaven sake send her a message telling her the work was worth it and her door looks magnificent.

Blessing # 1052 – Step Work

Wagging Tail-350

The car was back in the shop again so Ma didn’t get to the project today.

The hydraulic on the trunk that helps it spring open and stay open had broken so it felt like lead. Poor thing has been overworked. It’s divine intervention telling her to quit buying junk.

Since she didn’t know quite how long the repair would take she left me home with Dad to watch and wait!

Before that though we had a great flurry of activity.

Deer in the yard.

Squirrels going crazy. Chipmunks making apparitions

Birds doing dances and kissing each other in mid air. We’d never seen this before and didn’t get a pic but you get the feeling!

You name it everything was frisky.

I will be too.

Since the garage is half way to the local Amish store herself is back with a load of deli meats and cheese.

Now let’s walk and then we can yum yum some.

Blessing # 1051 – Sprung Back

Wagging Tail-349

Ma is as mad as a hatter. Absolutely fuming. I had to tell her to get wine when she came home just now.

First disaster of the day she ordered her menu cards on vista print only to discover she’d made a mistake on the phone number and on the alignment of her images.

She had a online chat with vista and they were super helpful. They cancelled the order and gave her a credit she can use to order the new and improved version. She planned to work on final touches and reordering tonight but is too mad to concentrate.

The window cleaner who had been out last week to give her an estimate arrived at 9:30 this morning. He wasn’t cheap to begin with but then the trouble started.

First, he said he couldn’t do the inside bits of the downstairs windows between the panes as the screens were screwed in and misaligned. Well shouldn’t he have seen that before?

So Ma asked him to do another estimate excluding the downstairs as she could clean the inside and outside of the windows herself she didn’t need him for that.

He gave her the revised estimate and assured her he’ll do a great job upstairs and so one hour after arriving he starts.

Not half an hour later he’s back. Says it’s taken much longer than he anticipated and that he can’t do the upstairs for what he estimated and in addition all the windows need caulking before cleaning.

By now Ma has lost all confidence so she says she just wants cleaning not caulking. He then says he’s not willing to do the job without caulking.


He leaves and says Ma owes him $50 for the one window he cleaned.

She took her anger out on some dirty siding. She scrubbed it till it was gleaming. Better than any power washer my Ma when she’s in a mood like this.

I tried to amuse her by squeaking pinky but she was having none of it so I am pretending to sleep till she cools down.

Blessing # 1050 – Steaming