Wagging Tail – 106

You know most mornings we go to the park. It seems the critters who live there have got to know me.

This morning the ducks were out in force and I was honored with some very special treatment.

One Daddy Duck left the flock or whatever collective term you like to use. He came right up to me. Next thing you know his wife starts moving towards the bank and behind her come her new little brood of six ducklings.


They looked so little and one seemed a more timid than others but the Mama duck waited for him and he joined the rest to come say « Hi ».

You may not believe all this but it is gospel and Auntie Lori saw it all as well as Ma and was amazed. Thanks to her for the pictures.

So you see even if you look fierce and are a great huge scary furry thing tiny ones know that your just a great big sugar cookie at heart!

Blessing # 770 – Trust

Wagging Tail – 105

Believe me the only thing to do on a day like this is get your job done as fast as possible.

Ma took pity on me and took me for a ride to compensate for the limited outings. Ideal for me.

We went into town and did a quick loop around the village green. It wasn’t without adventure.

I got to chase a Harley all the way home. I love when the traffic lights go red and we stop behind them. As soon as they move I let out my very biggest and boldest bark. It is especially fun if the biker jumps.


Both the biker and our car had to drive over a dead skunk. Skunks are smelly enough when alive but when crushed by a Harley they are  really unbelievably awesome.

Natural smelling salts just what you need to give you a boost and a rêve up.

Now I’m exhausted so adieu mes amis! I’m going to chill!

Blessing # 769 – Being a Stinker

Wagging Tail – 104

I was left at home alone again for most of the afternoon as Ma and Pa went to visit the “project” again.

I asked them if there is a fenced area for me and they said not yet. Well once it’s theirs I’ll just move right into the house.

Its as well they went as Ma had some errors in her drawings but she wasn’t too far off the mark. We’re now going to spend the evening in the refining process.


She is all besotted with the fine features and thinks I could serve as the color palette for the project since I’m so perfect.

She’s decided it is Italianate Style architecture. Sounds fancy but right now it’s not. Still if it gives her ideas for dinner that works. Pasta PLEASE!

Blessing # 768 – Carpe Diem

Wagging Tail – 103

I have discovered what my Ma says is one of the joys of summer. A good feed of watermelon after a day of exertion in the heat.

My girlfriends stopped by earlier for a romp around the yard and then I went to Aunties Carolina this afternoon.

This stuff is very red and sweet and juicy and I got two big pieces all for myself to enjoy.

Ma says it’s like cucumber but I disagree. Cucumber is blah and tastes like nothing at all and it looks insipid too. It gives Dad belly ache but Ma eats it in copious quantities in all sorts of combinations you may find strange but she claims are super!

Aaron says Ma is like Leticia Cropley from The Vicar of Dibley. If you are not familiar with her talents you can google them and will be sure to have a good laugh.

Occasionally Ma does turn out something to recipe like her Parmigiana of last night. It’s rare though because she has no patience.

As long as she Shares  The Love I don’t mind one bite!

Blessing # 767 – Mixing it Up

Wagging Tail – 102

Things are really hotting up with the property plan. Ma went to Yoga this morning and the stretching must have got the blood flowing to her brain again because as soon as she walked through the door she tells Dad she’s got it! It has nothing to do with Archimedes you’ll be relieved to hear!

As we were dodging showers she fortunately got me out for my constitutional before elaborating on her ideas. I was deeply thankful and to make matters even better she took me to town for my trot!

Anyway as soon as we returned she starts drawing. I just sat and watched. She tells Dad #288 is going to combine everything she loves. There will be a tea-room, a gym for Yoga, Pilâtes and Zumba that will also serve as a Function room for bridal rehearsal dinners, showers and so on. There will be five studio apartments and wait for it a library for Dad and an expo of all sorts of art and curios.

E7177CF3-0D4C-46DF-9B40-BD8A1F178DD5You can’t fault her for dreaming big. I just nod and try not to look to  bored by it all. Too much drama!

So when she has the drawing done she needs to cool her mind so she takes off for the pool. She’s no sooner away than the heavens open. Thinking it would just be a shower she diverts into Goodwill but had the princely sum of 56 cents in the car with her!

Fear not y’all she was not to be beaten by that. She snagged a little lovely for 27 cents. Of all things a tea cup and she has the plate to match it already. Destiny!

Meanwhile the rain continues so she had to stay where she was which gave rise to much more browsing but no buying as there was nothing she liked for 29 cents.

Eventually the rain subsided so she was able to get to the car and home to tell Dad about all she’d seen. I got dumped and off they went only to return four hours later.

Suffice to say significant inroads have been made in sourcing the artwork for the latest venture. They even got an original by a local artist.


Dad was smiling too. Ma found him a brand new never used food processor for $15 and he had spied brand new Levi’s for Aaron.

As soon as the bro walked in Dad insisted he take him back to look at the jeans and home they came with two pairs.

I got nothing but herself has put chicken parmigiana in the oven so I’m confident if I look sad enough about being neglected she’ll give me a few morsels.

Blessing # 766 – Auspicious Finds

Wagging Tail – 101

I’m sharing the wise words early as my secretary is working this afternoon.


When she typed 101 we thought it sounded like one of those books our Aaron has like French 101 or Maths 101. So of course we wondered was there a Dogs 101. Heavens there is one for ever breed and even a TV show. Bet there is an episode on bicycles!

Well here is one lesson for ever pet parent that I can teach like a pro. A thunderstorm that drops the temperature from 100F to 60F is much appreciated. You can only imagine how much I delighted in this mornings outing it was so cool I returned with my tail held high.

I’m as fresh as a daisy now but we need another 101 right now. Garage Doors! Ours is stuck! Fortunately stuck open so Ma can escape. Poor Dad and me have to deal with it.

I tell you that woman has more luck than anyone I know. Dodges ever bullet. Of course it could have something to do with her origins. Maybe some of it could rub off on me. Open doors spells fun and run!

Blessing # 765 – The Irish ☘️

Wagging Tail – 100

DE7FC48C-9CBE-4745-88EE-C4EEBBEDE5BECan you imagine it’s my one hundredth message to you. So much water has crossed under the bridge since I first put paw to paper.

Let’s hope the future holds health and happiness.

My bro is doing his best to keep me  smart and smiling. He has taught me so many tricks and now we’re working on wisdom.

This starts with patience. If I want to play ball I must WAIT!

If I want a treat I must sit up and WAIT!

If I want to impress I must WAIT!


Mimic maturity and seek knowledge and work. That’s the enduring message that is passed on.

This is why I love my Ma so much she doesn’t make me perform all she wants is a snuggle and for me to STOP chasing bicycles!

Blessing # 764 – Love Lessons

Wagging Tail – 99

No joke there must have been fifty ducks at our park’s pond this morning. They may have been having a strategy meeting or maybe they have a broadcast system to inform each other that the pickings are good.

There was a little girl feeding them. I tried to suck up to her to see if she’d give me some too but I was out of luck.  Ah we’ll probably seed or grain anyway.

Ma and Pa went out to view another property today. You won’t believe but it is exactly next door to the one they saw in Spring of 2019 that resulted in the purchase of so much stuff that eventually resulted in herself starting her antique venture!

Who knows what this will lead to but the house is definitely in much better shape than the original one.

I of course have not endorsed any of this yet but I’m applying to be the guard dog. Don’t you think I look fierce.

Blessing # 763 – New Ambition


Wagging Tail – 98

We got out really early. It was already like a cauldron so hot that I puked.

Ma went to Church for the first time since March. It’s opened up today with all safe distancing as you can see in this pic Auntie Lori took of the pair of them.

Ma forgot to book the pool last night and all the places were taken so she hit the yard.


The mint had taken over and she’d been putting off chopping it down but now there was no excuse as it had started to flower. Looks kinda pretty in a vase

She told Dad she was going to get him some to make chutney but once she started she couldn’t stop and hacked it all down.

What a mess! I offered to help dig it up for her but she refused so I was left to watch the whole process through the window.


It took her hours. Each time she came in for a drink I thought it was over but no chance.

C4C0AD71-E9B4-40CA-A17C-B52C325DB342Once she’d finished sorting and bagging the good stuff for Dad she started making jelly. Heavens I was bursting but didn’t get out for another walk till five o’clock.

Just as well I didn’t eat any of her harvest. It’s a diuretic you know. Could have spelt big trouble! The place looks a bit tidier too I can even see whose at the door.

Blessing # 762 – Relief 

Wagging Tail – 97


There’s one thing to be said for a good coat like mine in the summer you might get hot but you don’t fry

Ma is starting to resemble a roast chicken but she says the only place to be with this heat is in the water.

Due to the inordinate amount of time she spends there she’s rattling her way through the books and has finished another few.

She buys most books in our Church Book Sale or in yard sales so they might have passed through several hands before they reach her. It’s almost a novel in itself the things that are uncovered.

In Love Invents Us she found a page from an old Newsweek dated 1997 about the author. Coincidence? The author was living in Connecticut at the time and so was Ma.

In Schindler’s List which she’s on now she found a business card with a Michigan  address and some phone numbers on it. Wonder what journey the book took to get to Ohio!

Sometimes things arrive when you least expect them.

Like a butterfly that seemingly took a great liking to Ma. It stuck around so long she got to take a load of pics to show me. Maybe she tastes like chicken too!

Better give her a lick! Nice appetizers since it’s about dinner time!

Blessing # 761– Serendipity