Wagging Tail-862

Fall in Ohio is a very fine time.

It may be a bit misty of a morning but sunrises are spectacular and it’s fresh and cool.

The corn in the fields is turning yellow giving everything a warm homey feel.

The farmers are busy getting everything into the big silos and there is football too every weekend.

Couldn’t ask for more than that except perhaps your own Nyla back!

Blessing#1463-Harvest Time

Wagging Tail-861

Is there anything you have tasted that makes your mouth water?

If not try a hickory smoked Pill Pocket.

Ma has been using them since Monday to make sure my meds go down my digestive tube.

They are such clever little morsels of magnificence. All you do is stick the med in the middle and bingo it’s a done deal.

I hate to be nosy but they should have things like this for kids and old people too who don’t like to take their pills.

As far as I’m concerned I can keep taking meds for life if it means I get to pop these

I might have to practice limping to be sure!

Blessing#1462-Savory Incentives

Wagging Tail-860

What a lot of adventures we had this morning. Maybe because we were out just after dawn. Auntie Denise had her phone with her so she took these pics for me.

First we smelt skunk. When that happens you don’t hang around you get out of the area as quickly as possible. That smells stick around and follows for a mile.

Next up came the bunnies but they move too fast when pursued by a Pitty to get a pic.

Deer are different. Around here they are almost tame. When we rounded the corner in the park a Mom and her baby where munching in the meadow. We think it may be Memorial but can’t be sure. Her fawn spots are almost gone.

They just looked at us. Straight in the eye.

As we approached they didn’t even move.

This is how close we got.

Would you believe me if you didn’t see this with your own eyes?

Next up came the ducks. We have about twenty of them who hang out together. They too let us get up close and personal until Jaws takes a lunge at them.

Finally for today we got to see the Heron whose so handsome.

These critter may not be lions, elephants and wilder beasts but they sure do give you the goose bumps when they head to their watering hole of a morning.

Blessing#1461-Suburban Safari

Wagging Tail -859

Yesterday there was a humming bird feasting on our petunias. You’ll have to trust me on that as we couldn’t get a picture in time.

The bees are also working overtime on the sedum and lavender.

There was quite a swarm of them last evening when we were sitting outside soaking up some sun.

Jaws tries to play catch with them.

How do you incentivize bees to bite? If I knew maybe I could get them to take her out.

Ma keeps telling her to stop or they’ll sting but she keeps it up.

They seem to ignore her though.

I try to do that too but she still gives me a headache.

Or is it that collar.

I feel like I’m Sir Thomas More ready for a Tudor style execution.

Maybe I’ll give up licking my stitches if I can be freed from this torture.


Wagging Tail-858

Yesterday all the pomp and circumstance of the King and Queens whirlwind tour of the UK moved to Moms homeland Northern Ireland.

We lived the events by staying glued to the TV and vicariously through family and friends who got to be part of the visit.

One friend Sandra lives in Hillsborough where the royal residence is based and that was a key part of the day. Here’s some of her pics she shared live with Mom.

It’s a beautiful spot by all accounts with lots of little pubs and shops and very well behaved dogs. Maybe one day I’ll go there.

Cousin Anne made her way to the village from Banbridge a nearby town to be part of the cheering crowds. She also sent us pics that made us feel we’d made it too.

Auntie Lorraine saw things from a greater distance in Belfast as the Royals swept past in their car.

While cousin Cecilia even got to attend the ceremony in Belfast Cathedral which as we saw on TV was absolutely beautiful. That’s her with the black headband on.

Having these nears and dears so close makes us feel closer too.

I’m sort of glad I got run over by that bicycle as Ma had a good excuse to stay home and watch the whole event unfurl as she was watching me.

There’s a very old term for this type of tour which is todays blessing. Thankfully I’m making some too!!!

Blessing#1459-A Progress

Wagging Tail-857

Greetings Peeps!

I bet you’ve been missing me dreadfully but with the trauma of the past week there was little time for lightheartedness.

There has been a lot of talk instead about Princesses comings and goings but I’m still and will always remain the one and only Pitty

The passing of that great lady Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II from whom I have learned so much tore at my heartstring.

Patience, endurance (especially when it comes to Nylas), tolerance and acceptance of all peoples even those who look like aliens are just some keys to the kingdom.

Yesterday I put into practice most of the knowledge I’d acquired.

On the return of the native wearing his Elizabethan collar I managed not to laugh out loud. He looks so much like Buzz Lighyear.

I barked a lot to keep him conscious and tried to lick his wounded knee (if I’m not mistaken there was an important battle around that subject but enough of constitutional history).

I even endured his hot under the collar attentions for sometime.

Ultimately I resigned myself to getting back to business as all wise women do for the sake of world peace and Granny sanity.


Wagging Tail-856

You will not believe it but I got run over by a bicycle this morning.

Ma and Auntie Denise were on one side of the street with me and Nala. Ma was recounting some tale about bears as we said our goodbyes to Auntie Liz, PJ and Eddie who were on the other side of the street.

All of a sudden a cyclist going like a rocket came in between us. I lunged at the flying object and in a split second it ran right over me. Like totally over me. It was like something out of a cartoon.

I walked home with my tail between my legs and went to my safe place under the coffee table.

I came out and played a bit with Nala and had a few treats but it was clear I was limping. Nala played nurse for a while, kept an eye on me and was alarmingly quiet.

The bro and Ma examined my abdomen per auntie Liz instructions as she’s a medic and that’s when the bro discovered a nasty open wound on my back leg. It had been hidden by my coat.

So within seconds we were in the bros car on the way to MEDVET the animal hospital.

I was taken within minutes and you will be glad to hear I’m not in imminent danger.

I got three staples in and I’m on the way home with a collar or is it a hat!

Blessing 1457-Emergency Rooms

Wagging Tail-855

I have been wounded to the core!

It has come to my attention that another canine was allowed to enter the Tearoom.

As you know I have been banned since it became an officially licensed eatery so this is unforgivable.

Ma explained that this exception was made because this particular dog is trained to detect change in blood glucose levels and so is approved for entry to all public buildings.

It’s what they call a special service animal. Even came prepared yesterday with its own hat for the occasion.

Well I provide service too.

Don’t I take care of keeping Ma calm during one of her mood swings.

Don’t I keep that beast that lives with us under control.

Don’t I offer succor and comfort in times of distress?

Maybe what I need is the hat!! Those bunnies are there all the time and they wear hats too!!! I must speak with Auntie Paula of Paula’s Posh Picks she has hats galore!!!


Wagging Tail-854

We are all off kilter this morning.

First the big moon woke us up at 4:00. We thought it was dawn but when we checked the time we just said a few prayers for the King, rolled over and went to sleep again.

Next thing we knew it was 7:20 and we were meant to meet PJ and Eddie at 7:25.

Add to that the bro had gone to work and Jaws was trying to break their bedroom door down.

So we released her ran out barefoot for jobs hollered at Auntie Liz that we were late and to go on, came back in, made coffee, got my breakfast, gave what I didn’t eat to the vacuum cleaner, put Dads meds in the wrong time buckets, resorted them and by then the coffee was ready and we switched on the TV.

Perfect timing to see the Public proclamation of the King.

Now I’m watching you know who work out her jaws and waiting as Ma catches up on the parliament swearing allegiance.

Thank goodness for those Nylas to keep her quiet they’re as valuable to me as the Crown Jewels.


Wagging Tail-853

My secretary is having difficulty typing this because her eyes are filled with tears but we must ask did you see the rainbows?

First the one over Windsor Castle just at the moment the flag was lowered and then just a little later the double one over the Victoria monument at Buckingham Palace.

That was God telling all of us who are broken hearted by the passing of the beautiful soul that was our Queen that she’s just popped over the bridge to meet all her loved ones.

All her puppies from the past were waiting and they are so happy to snuggle with her again.

Her Mom and Dad and Sister were there too

and of course her handsome Prince.

For her dear Family left here for now, including God Bless him her son our King, her Majesty summed things up so well when she said

Let’s hope she has her feet up enjoying a nice cuppa and a jam penny or maybe a marmalade sandwich this afternoon.


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