Today Dibley had his annual check up at Riverside Animal Hospital.

Thankfully for a middle aged gent Dibs is doing really well.

His little heart murmur is not getting any worse. This is thanks to early diagnosis at last years physical and immediate treatment by the great Dr McGuffin.

While Dibs was getting his own blood work done and being sassy as usual I noticed that the hospital was looking for doggie blood donations.

Our hospital has a blood bank used for The Greyhound Health Initiative. This helps rescued Greyhounds who often are not treated so well when they stop racing.

Isn’t it wonderful what veterinarians do for our pets and also for all those animals in need?

They are so smart and so gracious with their time and efforts in helping all our furry friends.

Blessing # 28 – Those who care for All Creatures Great and Small

BOOM – Battlefront

sunset sun horizon priroda
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This day 102 years ago the dreadful and most horrible Battle of the Somme began close to Amiens in Picardie Norhern France.

Many young men at that battle came from Northern Ireland including both my grandfathers.

There were so many others there too from across the UK and France and of course from Germany.

All of those precious young people did what they were ordered to do. They fought a war.

Tens of thousands died and not one single one of them would ever forget that horror.

Let us remember all of them and their  sacrifice and commit to doing all we can to keep peace and  to restore it where it has been lost.

Blessing # 27 – Peace

BOOM – Belly Buster 2

When it comes to IT I am technically highly challenged. Yesterday I posted something with nothing in it!! This has become today’s blessing because it gave me a good laugh at myself.

Consider todays post as the sequel for yesterdays bloomer!!!!

Anyway all the good weather going on at home in Northern Ireland has many reminiscing about the summers of 1976 and 1978 when we also had great tropical weather.

This was around the time I had my first meal out. My Dad who loved his food and his drink would rate a good dinner as either a Great Feed or A Belly Buster.

Hits of the day on most menus were tropical as the weather.

Hot grapefruit for starters

Chicken Maryland as Main

Fritters or Banana Splits for Dessert

All washed down with Blue Nun Riesling.

I remember thinking I’d made it when I ate that first meal out.

What meals do you remember most fondly? Share them please and maybe we can create a retro dinner party global event to celebrate sizzling summers.

Blessing 25 & 26 – Memories worth  reviving and mistakes to learn from and laugh about

Bit of Banter On-Board not Boring!

In the 1980s we often would get together at my friend Lorraine’s to play Trival Pursuit.

It was great fun especially after a few beers had been consumed or as one friend aptly put it “drink was taken”

Any of you still play board games?

Do you have a family favorite?

Apart from Trivial mine is Cluedo but it must be 20 years since I played that.

Share your thoughts on a Board Game Revival.  Can we make it happen?




BOOM – BYE BYE Birdies

After 33 years, today is my last full day of work at Nestlé.

What a truly great experience this has been. Thanks to Nestle I got to work with my husband Krishna, we got to meet and adopt our son Aaron and made many great friends.

We moved from Switzerland to Connecticut then to China and then with Aaron went back to Switzerland then to France and finally to Ohio.

So many places and such great diversity of work in many product categories and with people from all over the globe.

Could not have wished for a better company to work for.

Blessing # 24 – A Great Employer

BOOM – Bounty


My Mother loved her garden. It was small but filled to capacity with plants that she had grown from slips that family or friends had given her. She worked really  hard to keep the garden beautiful.

I didn’t inherit my Mummy’s green thumb. But sometimes you can get a pleasant surprise even without much effort!

Take for example this lovely little chili plant that is doing well thanks to all the heat and rain we have had recently.

Look at all those little peppers and all the flowers that are a promise of more to come

What’s doing best in your garden this summer? Take a picture and share with us all.

Blessing #23 – Nature’s Gifts



My best friend Carol sent me this birthday card a few years ago and I love it.

It really says so much in only a few little words.

Who is the person you confide in?

Share this little message with them just to make them smile and say thank you.

Blessing # 22 – A true confidante

BOOM – Best Of!


If you had to choose one Best Of Album which would it be?

Which album sticks out most in your mind?

Would you say any album defines you?

For me it is Fleetwood Mac because with Rumours and then The Best Of was the time I grew up and defined myself.

Don’t think since the issue of The Best Of  Fleetwood Mac I have changed much at all.

Blessing # 22 – Growing up but never growing older!



With all the rain we have had in Ohio the beautiful Olentangy River that is close to our home is high.

Thankfully the banks are strong and have held and kept us safe.

This morning at Church someone played the trombone to Martin Luther’s wonderful A Mighty Fortress. I absolutely love this the drama of the words and the power of the music and the use of another special word for bank BULWARK

What is it that keeps you safe?

Blessing #21 – Our Bulwark Never Failing