F409B294-1239-4A58-A2C9-172DC49A0C46.jpegHi and a Warm Welcome to BOOMING BANTER.

This is a place for people who love a laugh, to chat and to count their BLESSINGS

My name is Gillian. I was born in Belfast in 1960 and this is me in 1965 swinging round a lamp post. I remember the day this photo was taken. A man came to talk to our little circle of friends as we played off Roden Street (Belfast 12).

He asked me what my name was and then said to ask my Mummy if he could take my photo. Mummy said yes and next day there we were in the Belfast Telegraph.

Today the photo occupies half a wall in Belfast City Hall in their exhibit on the history of our city.

Just recently my best friend Carol and I took a trip down memory lane and made a visit to see ourselves as others now see us.


BLESSING #1 The wonderful gift of a friendship that endures.

Please share your stories of friendship and encourage others to share theirs too.




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