Wagging Tail – 278

This week we watched a great movie called The Two Popes. If you haven’t seen it try to catch it.

It’s about two men who are as different as chalk and cheese. Pope Benedict and Pope Francis.

Francis is an extrovert who is friends with everyone and likes to dance tango while Benedict is an introvert who had a life devoid of personal friends and plays piano.

Yet over their transition time, as the extrovert prepared to succeed the introvert, they grew very close.

They learned from each other and to love each other.

Something similar happened here some years ago when President Clinton succeeded President Bush with Clinton becoming like a son to the elder statesman.

I never did get to meet my predecessor but I know he was very different from me. He was a pure bred, I’m a rescue. He barked at dogs when out walking while I bark at bikes. He shredded his cuddly toys while I take mine to bed at night. He was so handsome and looked great in black and white while I need full technicolor to look my best.

We share one big thing in common though we both love our humans unconditionally.

There is a big transition underway in the USA. Once again the individuals are very different. There’s no handover happening though so no opportunity for getting to know each other.

Instead the beautiful capital is becoming a fortress.

Soon though there will be one of my kind back in the White House and a very noble looking guy he is too. This can only mean one thing better days lie ahead after all who could do that job without a best friend by their side.

Blessing # 979Major Improvement

Wagging Tail- 277

It’s a bad hair day and it’s only just started. I’m all shook up!

It’s pouring outside so I only got a nip to the end of the street but to make things worse there are even more upending matters at the project. The new heater has thrown a wobbler and sprung a leak!

If mother’s nerves hadn’t already been shattered by previous events they’d have broken now. This whole adventure really keeps us on the edge of our seats. Just as well she white in the head already.

Poor Dad is not exempt from problems either. In the midst of doing all the bills he forgot that today is the last day to submit the prepayment of taxes so he’s rushing to get that ready for Ma to post before she goes to work!

As some clever dude said it never rains but it pours.

There are a few ups to the downs though.

No one got hurt

The leak didn’t do any damage apart from wrecking some coil in the heater.

Since it’s raining it’s too warm for pipes to freeze even if the heat is off.

Even if I don’t get a good walk I’ll get a ride in the car to the post office!

My hair dries fast and I always look better coiffed after a rub down which bus essential for an outing in public.

It’s FRIDAY so any problem is easier to handle when pizza and bubbles are in the fridge and forecast for this evening.

Blessing # 978 – Silver Lining

Wagging Tail- 276

Still no winner for the big draw. Maybe we’ll try again at the weekend. Maybe not! Her Saturday night fever may have passed by then and sure what would you do with 1.5 Billion?

I thought I’d avert another whirlwind today by sucking up to her and telling a few doggie jokes to lift her mood!

We can’t take credit for any of these.

Some friends shared them with us on Facebook.

In this time of change, when we are all locked up and very stressed, the best thing we can do is give each other a virtual tickle

The bro thought I was really funny so he raised me up too!

Blessing # 977 – Elevations

Wagging Tail- 275

We didn’t win last night’s lottery. We didn’t get a single number. Tonight’s the night!

I don’t know if it was the failure to win that made her agitated but she’s been spinning like a tornado.

She started moaning as soon as we got up about my toys. « Scooby why are all these critters on my sofa? »

What she didn’t say was she wanted the sofa for her business not mine.

She’s getting ready for a makeover at her booth and so is pricing the new season stock. It was everywhere. Took over the whole living room. Chaos!

We boys decided to get off side. The bro’s classes started online yesterday but he had to go to college to get his new books. Dad said he’d go too so I also jumped on board.

When we got back all my nice doggie smell had gone.

When she finished with her treasures she started vacuuming. She does that only once in a blue moon.

What a reward she received. Dad got the bro to take him shopping for snacks and her wine. Dad can’t buy just one thing he has to get a mountain.

The wine rack is completely filled. Should do her for a month or two!!!!! Maybe though we’ll need it for a party when the draw is made later!

Blessing # 976 – Cleaned Out

Wagging Tail-274

The lottery here has reached staggering heights. It’s now 650 million on the Mega Millions and 550 million on the Powerball.

Ma says she’s done the lottery only about three times since moving to USA more than ten years ago but this is worth a go.

I was like sure Ma I’ll put my paw on that. We’ll wear our green for luck. Now let’s choose some numbers and get those tickets.

When she’s decided on something herself is quick on the draw so when we googled to get a pic of the lottery for my message she realized there was a number on it.

What better number than that. Wonder how many other people use it? Statistically she tells me it has as much chance of ringing up as any other number so she put it on both tickets.

I already consider myself a winner. On the way to get the tickets we passed the coyote trail. So, good readers, guess where I got to go hunting?

We hadn’t been there since summer and it looks so different with no leaves on the trees.

It’s a great spot though and as a memorial to a previous trail blazer recognized a great place for a wagging tail even if there isn’t a ball insight.

Blessing # 975– Steps To Success

Wagging Tail- 273

Apart from our morning walk I haven’t seen much of herself today.

She was playing Van Gogh again painting one of her rescues in the garage.

With summer in mind her theme in “nautical”. Doesn’t matter that we’re stuck about a million miles from the sea.

She thinks it will be appreciated.

Personally I think it looked better before she started.

Of course I’m a little fed up with her and her neglect and silly ideas!

As soon as she’d finished her latest masterpiece she took off to take a friend to the dentist.

While she was waiting for her she went to the nearest Goodwill and bought more junk. “It was close by Scooby”

She just can’t resist. I don’t care if it only cost a few dollars. These expenditures all mount up and could be used for bones or treats.

Don’t you see it’s my latest theme Scooby?” She needs help! I might bite her ear off to save her any trouble.

Blessing # 974 – Therapists

Wagging Tail- 272

Herself is super excited because this evening on PBS a new production of All Creatures Great and Small will start.

The story is about a vet who takes care of all sorts of animals including lots of dogs who are the stars of the show. So of course I’ll watch myself since my kind are covered in such glory. I’ll even stick out my tongue if he asks

Ma said she watched the original series with Auntie Carol back in the 70s and 80s when they were both just pups themselves.

The books are great too and were written by a real vet called Alf Wright who for some reason gave himself the name James Herriot.

My Mum and Dad worked in pet nutrition and went to conferences with some people who knew Alf himself.

Seems he was a wonderful man. Very kind and good to all animals including people. Thank goodness he took the time to write down all his experience. He’s inspired me already and I haven’t started watching yet!

Blessing # 973 – Storytellers

Wagging Tail- 271

It was all higgledee piggledee here today.

The bro got home around midnight which meant Ma woke up, Dad woke up and therefore so did I. Yawn!

The Mother had to get up at her usual time to get me out for trot before she had her monthly Kairos Advisory Council meeting.

When we got back Dad was still sleeping in the bedroom and the bro was sleeping in the basement. This ruled out both locations where she usually does her calls.

Knowing she’d be interrupted at some point if she stayed in the living room either by the menfolk or my barking we had to hide ourselves in the bros bedroom that he never uses anymore.

I was like a true star throughout the meeting just lying back and listening to all these ladies talking about their plans.

They know just as you know that I can understand everything they say. They can trust me though. I won’t say a word. I’ll just put a sock in it!

Blessing # 934 – Zooming

Wagging Tail- 270

Well remember I got real mucky and had that bath yesterday? It didn’t end there!

Herself, on seeing me wet, got a clearer picture of the tats all over my coat.

Out came the dreaded scissors.

I’ve learned that if I stand still and let her have a go at me I get treats for being “a good boy”. Worth it provided she doesn’t take a lump out of me.

I give her about sixty seconds shear time and then I snarl and she backs off and seeks the meaty morsels.

She was still at the job this morning and it ended with a facial revealing the beauty of my eyes.

All the better to see you with as a certain grandma might say!

Blessing # 933 – Snip & Chip

Wagging Tail- 269

Some dogs wear overcoats in winter. They can be so posh they get to the front pages.

My girlfriends Georgia and Josie have cute knitted jackets that look like Aran sweaters. Of course they are very girlie girls.

My new pal Woodford’s like me he’s big and butch and sticks to wearing only collars and neckties.

We went playing today at the dog park near our project. Woodfords Mom and mine both got their fancy coats all covered in muck from our paws when we jumped on them to get some treats.

I was so messy there was nothing else for it but a bath when I got home.

I hate baths. That’s one advantage of clothes you can take them off and change them but when it’s your own self that’s mucky well that’s a whole different story.

Blessing # 932– Clean Up