Wagging Tail -534

Never in the canine history of this household, that has been going strong since 1995, has this happened.


The last morsels were poured out of the bag this morning.

You might blame mighty mouth as she eats twice as much as a great dane.

The truth is though that all the responsibility lies with my Mother.

She runs on empty all the time and it would seem thinks we can too.

Dad is usually the driving force behind food shopping and when he was in charge we always had a bag in reserve.

If herself would spend more time shopping for us rather than finding and selling “Treasure” we’d all be in much better shape.

Thankfully the bro has the afternoon off or the tike might start chewing on me!

Blessing #1135-Brotherhood

Wagging Tail-533

In the Florence Harding book Ma found yesterday there was an old book mark.

Of course being a nosy sort I told Ma she had to invest who this dude was.

Turns out it made sense he was where we found him.

Having discovered one God my immediate next question was ”is there a DOG God” since I obviously could be one!

Heck of course there is.

He’s a bit creepy though and man does he bear a striking resemblance to the nasty niece!

Blessing #1134-Understudies

Wagging Tail-532

Ma is hard to annoy on a Friday although the tike is trying her best to make her mad. Don’t let innocent looks deceive you! It is demonic!

She took us both for a walk in the rain while the white washing was in. Since it takes 70minutes we got to go far far away.

When we came back she had a quick soak and then took off for work all smiles.

This is because she knows that there will inevitably be garage sales to visit.

The mental telepathy between us is so strong I can tell you already that she snagged some great treasures.

A collectible jar for Beanie Money that I trust means snacks!

A book on First Lady Florence Harding that should sell fast since she lived just across the road from the tearoom.

A boxed set of LPs for Christmas time. Not long now till I get my annual megabone from the one in red. Bring it on big man!

Wonder does he go to the lost horizon? Ma thinks she found a gem with this LP. The sleeve is a work of art!

Looks like a swell place .Maybe he could take the monster there and leave her!

That would be such a gift! Is this adequate correspondence?

Blessing #1133-Letter to Santa

Wagging Tail-531

Round our way it is not getting light right now till nearly eight o’clock which is great because big ears can’t tell the time yet. She just goes on sleeping!

It’s great because it gives Ma and me some time to get on with things before the maniac moves.

This morning we made pumpkin muffins.

They are super easy.

Even my Ma can make them.

This recipe will give you 48 minis, ideal for afternoon tea parties plus ten biggies perfect for a breakfast snacky with your Daddy!

When you add a little frosting and, at Auntie Paula’s suggestion, a candy corn on top they don’t look bad at all!

Blessing #1132-Fall Feature

Wagging Tail-530

Remember the tike was cleaning the floor? Well there have been consequences.

She’s had the bro up all night with the runs. He had to take her out every two hours

Fortunately there was a full moon so he could see where he was going.

Even though the comings and goings woke us all up I recognized how appreciative I was that she went outside by planting a big smacker on her muzzle.

She’s resting now and so are my bro and me. Parenthood is tough at times! So is being an uncle!!!!

Blessing #1131– Potty Trained

Wagging Tail -529

I’ve had a super day.

Walk, scone making (two broke yum yum), car ride, and just now an hour long snooze with Mom followed by some snacking with Dad.

Ma and I are reading the Just So stories. She’s never read them before even though they are much older than her which makes them ancient!

They are of an ideal length to take you off to the land of nod. Today’s was a « how the leopard got his spots ».

The stories are sort of a shortened version of the theory of evolution but beware if you read these stories they contain some very offensive racist language.

Our edition is an old one, a reprint of the original first edition that we found recently at a sale maybe these bad bits have been modified in more recent publications.

I gotta run Cinderella is stirring. She is dropping shoes
all over the house so I am called to do my princely duties. I am a classic hero!

Blessing #1150-Editing

Wagging Tail-528

Mega mouth is somewhat incapacitated.

She is five months now but still loosing teeth.

We find them here and there and the bro is thinking the tooth fairy might make a nice necklace with them!

Dream on brother!

She is getting more clumsy too!

This morning she spilled a full bowl of water all over the floor and just now toppled over her kibble by diving right into it.

She licks up all spills and crumbs like a swifter so Ma says she is useful for something.

I doubt it! Retched being!

Blessing #1029-Floor Cleaner

Wagging Tail-527

Mum loves it when things happen just spot on.

Like a few days ago when she turned on the car and a big number rolled round. It was 2162!!!!

Or, when she had a filling a few weeks ago on 9/21/21 the tooth was number 21!

Dad doesn’t get it.

Some might think she has lost the plot.

Do any of you get a kick out of this sort of thing?

All that interests me are the number of bones in my box!

Blessing #1128-Counts

Wagging Tail-526

Prior to the arrival of the Behemoth I had a very refined eating pattern.

I was given my bowls of fresh kibble and water at breakfast time and nibbled on them throughout the day.

Dad would top up what was left at dinner time and to amplify my appetite he’d add morsels of tender meats and gravy!

All that is now out the window.

Ma fires a bowl of dreariness in front of me as soon as we rise and says « get it into you quick son before the monster stirs »

I can only manage what is needed to maintain life it is so boring.

There is no waste though. Big ears eats everything I leave in twenty seconds flat and then thats it till Ma gets back from work.

People who pay for this type of dietetic torture need to get a Nala never mind NOOM!

Blessing #1127- Hunger

Wagging Tail-525

This morning my cousin Krishna sent Ma a joke from India.

It got me thinking we all have different heads.

We have our I am concentrating on the road ahead head.

We have our I am listening to every word you are saying head.

Our I am happy and beautiful and this would be a very good time to take my photo face.

The I am extremely busy and important and am way ahead of you look and finally the face we want no one to see:

The I am bored and fed up with all of you and want to be left alone!

Which head have you on today?

Blessing #1126-Profiles