Wagging Tail – 116

Herself slept a lot better last night it must have been that wee dram she had after her usual wine that  knocked her out.

She was in a much better mood and was running around as usual like a headless chicken.

When she got back from yoga she squeezed in a haircut for Dad with my clippers before taking me to meet Auntie Lori.


It looks OK and is called a Short, Back and Sides!

I wouldn’t mind one of those myself as my eyebrows are starting to impede my vision of squirrels and bunnies.

She’d have a lot to cut though as my hair is now rather long. Not sure I’d fancy taking that risk. She might leave me naked.

I’ll need to reflect before giving her the green light and certainly will wait for a day when she is fully focused and well rested.

Blessing # 780 – Sleep and Shears

Wagging Tail- 115

Women are weird. They want something but when they get it they can’t content themselves. When I get what I want I have a good sleep. Ma? She’s got worse with the tossing and turning and it’s having an impact on our life.

Today she was sure the tea-room had great potential so she hauled poor Dad to the kitchen equipment store in Columbus. When they got back she said she had to go to the pool to think! I wondered was she going to jump off the deep end!

When she got back she hardly said a word. I was starving but she completely neglected that and got into making tonight’s dinner Turkey Tetrazzini.

She’d decided on this because she had mushrooms to use up but the woman’s mind was clearly not on the job. Just when she had everything ready for the oven she turned around and there were the mushrooms washed and waiting on the counter.

The language was not for the faint hearted. Put it like this even I was glad Dad was not in earshot as he would have been severely startled.

She cut the fungus in half arranged them on rather than in the sauce and covered them with cheese. Heaven knows what it will taste like when it’s baked but the outcome was good for me.

She tossed a handful of cheddar in my kibble. Oh YUM!

Blessing # 779 – Saying Cheese

Wagging Tail – 114

We had a good morning with the ducks. Auntie Lori is back from her road trip and brought them treats but of course she gave me mine first. I’ve missed her so!

When we got home there was an auspicious visitor at our garage door. Mr Cardinal waited while we took his pics.

The news he brought is good! We are going to complete the purchase of our 1875 « project » on Monday.

Ma swung into action to get the finances finalized and the insurance organized before she left for the Chamber of Commerce, and the Planning Office.

The bro and Dad were so impressed with her speed they took care of dinner.

I can’t wait because she has told me I’m getting to go with her to work once we get the keys!

Hope she pays with BACON!

Blessing # 778 – Tasting Success


Wagging Tail – 113


It’s been a sort of stinky day around here. Ma was in a foul mood from the moment she got out of bed. Lack of sleep again!

She had a humongous shouting match with the bro even before I got out for my first job.

When she looses the temper it’s bad but honestly he does stir her up. I felt like running away but then I thought of Dad and chips.

That poor man is so good to her and all of us and yet she ate the face of him also.

She had to boil four dozen eggs for some reason or other so she went to the store to get fresh ones. When she came back Dad had already started with the ones in the fridge. Talk about huffing and puffing all because he ripped up the stupid egg box.

Crikey what a stink like one gigantic fart. It was definitely a case of eggs and exasperation. Thank heavens there was no onion in the mix that’s better with cheese in chips!

Blessing # 777 – Masks

Wagging Tail-112

Man I’m so tired these humans of mine are keeping me awake all night tossing and turning with property planning.

I’ve slept most of the day as they went to the house AGAIN for the inspection.


Now all they are doing is making drawings and scratching their heads. They may need Frontline!

I’m glad her favorite TV shows are on tonight as I’ll get a reprieve and maybe cuddles with cheese puffs.

Big sigh on a grey day didn’t even get me a decent walk. Just as well I’m an easy going sort and very inexpensive as they are going to need to make some economies!

Blessing # 776 – Rest for the Weary

Wagging Tail – 111


My girlfriends Jodie and Georgia swung by today for a visit. They love me more than tongue can tell.

We ran around in circles and did what teenagers do. We had a good sniff at each other, did a bit rough and tumble and then chilled and ate some treats.

These girls are so pretty and I just can’t make my mind up which one to date! Don’t tell my other girlfriend as we are still an item!

I think my bro is having similar issues. He keeps taking off at short notice and has told me all about it but I am sworn to secrecy. He refuses to give the ancient parents any details!

All I can do is smirk and seal my lips!

Herself tried to extract some info from me this afternoon by taking me to the dog park and talking about how we all must trust each other. Yeh Ma toss the ball but just don’t expect me to spill any beans!

Blessing # 775 – Confidants

Wagging Tail – 110

Well there can’t  be bigger  news than this! The aged Ps put an offer on the house yesterday and after some stellar negotiation got it!

I’m staking a claim to a large area as I’m going to oversee the entire project. I’ll make sure everyone works to plan and that there is no shirking. Nip a few heels I will. No!

The current idea in the head of the human is three apartments, a tea-room and a curiosity shop.

The fun has already started as to what we call it. Initially Ma thought revival. Aunt Laura suggested that needed some enhancements and suggested Vintage Revival. She also had the brilliant idea of Gillian’s Gunk!


The current working title is Red Rose Revival. The route to that was circuitous and included an exotic name no longer in our plans.

There is an old rose bush at the house that needs a lot of TLC but had one perfect bloom last time Ma was there.

Funny thing  is she also bought an old chair for the place this week that has, roll the drums readers, a rose carved right into that wood.

Very regal and appropriate for such a palace!!!

Blessing # 774 – Dreaming Big

Wagging Tail – 109

Walking on a short leash is no fun. I may have to amend my ways.

Ma “Growled” at me several times this morning as I tried to pull her arm out of it’s socket.

Her face is very scary when she snarls. It gets all screwed up and wrinklier. Usually I just avoid the fear it might instill by not looking her in the eye. She never bites.

I growl too sometimes when my bro insists on dressing me up. Of course I’d never hurt him. My favorite time to make my presence felt is in the middle of the night. I GROWL with real serious tones!

As my secretary writes she is listening to the funeral of her hero John Lewis. She admired everything about this man but especially that he, like me, believed in making his voice heard but never hurting any human! He was kind to other critters too!

Blessing # 773 – Good Trouble

Wagging Tail – 108


As cousin Krishna V reminded me this morning it is world tiger day.

740403E3-5088-4E49-B373-EFD913BAB59B I sometimes feel caged like the poor souls who live in captivity and have some common features.

I can pounce and chew and feel particularly wild when I am in the dog house.

You see last night I noshed straight through another leash when out for my evening constitutional.

Ma was not pleased as this will now be the fifth time I’ve wrecked one. She took me out this morning with the old retractable that was my predecessors but no longer retracts. I nearly took her out when five bicycles appeared.

Auntie Denise was with us and said she thought she had an old leash in her basement that would get us through the day.

Sure enough she found the one that belonged to her old dog who died fifteen years ago.

So now even if I look like a Tiger and claim to be a Samoyed there is no doubt I’m still just good old Scooby Doo!

Blessing # 772 – No Disguises

Wagging Tail – 107

I’m late with the daily news because I’ve been out cruising with the bro.

Ma and Pa made yet another trip to the project to inspect from the outside. They are falling more deeply in love.

The perspective from a distant angle looks quite good it seems and the location is close to an area of town thats getting a facelifts.

The bro and I were fed up waiting for their return so took a road trip to Seminole Island at Indian Lake. It was bliss. Such a long drive Just the two of us rapping as we rode.

I do love my bro so much he treats me like and adult. Unlike the ancient Ps.


When we returned we found Ma had made yet another purchase for the project. A very fine piece if I should say So myself!

A few dogs feature prominently. Smart move Ma.

The names not bad either for a retro sort of place « Hometown Memories »

Blessing # 771 – Home & A Broad