Wagging Tail-878

On Saturday the Lily Circle at our church had their annual book sale.

Yesterday what was left was sold at $5 per bag before being pack up and packed off to Half Price Books.

Dad was in heaven. Actually he was in Church but that’s close. He snagged a mountain of material to keep him going for a few months.

Ma also had a good rummage and found things for sale at the store.

She also found a great treasure that she’s keeping.

Can you believe that in the midst of all those thousands of books she finds a little vintage hardback novel about Northern Ireland.

It’s little dust jacket was a bit rough at the edges so maybe that’s why it had been passed over. Or maybe it was waiting for her to come and rescue it!

Published in 1954 it is based on the legend of The Swans of Ballycastle and is beautifully illustrated.

There were many memory jerkers for Ma like the painting on the bedroom wall the eiderdown and the big roaring fire.

It’s just like it was meant to come home to us and Ma got so excited.

We read the story as soon as she got home. It’s a somewhat sad little tale about three children and a wicked stepmother but has lots of reference to places back home like Rathlin Island, Belfast and Larne.

Made us quite nostalgic and determined to get one of those direct flights soon.

Blessing#1479-Familiar Sites

Wagging Tail-877 (with pics)

Passionate peeps it PITS posting!

Aren’t you all thrilled. I just know you’ve been dying to hear of my exploits.

Yesterday I was excessively busy.

Granny as you know is not partial to housework but as the morning light shone in the dust was seen to be an inch thick so she had to break it up.

I jumped in to help as best I could I just love to smell of that spray she uses but she smacked me on the nose so I took to shredding instead.

She didn’t realize the extent of my efforts until I’d finished.

She’d made her bed earlier but it wasn’t quite to my standards so I undid her work and refluffed it. The pillows were something of a challenge so I make a little hole in one! No golfing puns intended!

While wrinkly was working I rested but on her return we had a quick trot and then I helped with cooking the dinner and doing the dishes. She spills a lot so it’s tasty work and it makes her smile.

We then settled in for the fourth quarter of the big game which we won easily. Dad was so exhausted as he’d started at seven he fell asleep. So I guarded him from the Gizz until it was bedtime.

Basically I’m perfect like most Princesses.

I can do everything so well I deserve to be Queen! Do you like my pose?

Blessing #1478-Multitasking

Wagging Tail 876 (with pics)

You know the way dogs have different barks for different occasions well I’m convinced humans have different screams.

Yesterday morning as Ma was finishing off her second coffee she emitted such a big happy holler it was hair raising.

See Auntie Phyllis had just sent her a WhatsApp telling her Aer Lingus was putting on a new direct flight from Cleveland to Dublin.

This has been high on Ma’s prayer list for years specifically Columbus to Dublin but this is as good as it get. My intersessions must have don’t it!

Two hours drive when you don’t have to negotiate a connection in Chicago or NYNY or DC or worst of all the dreaded Newark and you just pirouette with passion.

In a GREEN tutu of course.

Blessing#1477-Non Stop!

Wagging Tail-875

Did you see that the Royal Mint has just released the first coin with the King’s head on it?

Got me thinking if I was King what I’d like on my coins.

My most regal pose is from my throne and encompasses all my body.

That might look better on notes or milk bones which should be traded as they have currently more value than the pound.

For round currency perhaps I need to strike the side on look like Charles.

My hair would need to be engraved carefully as that’s one of my finest features and I suppose they’d need to see the eyes and canines.

You can only imagine that if the Princess was Queen we’d need to see her ears as they are her most defining feature.

Not sure the King’s coin does his justice!

Blessing#1476-Money Matters

Wagging Tail-874

Thanks to Facebook Mum is still in touch with friends from elementary school. They’ve know each other since they were five years old.

This morning one of them, Linda, posted a link from Voice for the Voiceless on how to help hedgehogs survive the winter ahead.

These cute critters are native to Europe. We don’t have them here in the USA. They are very loyal to the home they adopt and come to the same place year after year. Ma knows that from experience!

Got us thinking of some other cuties like that who stick by their humans who may be suffering at present in Florida; the manatees.

Our Auntie Laura has them all around her in Florida, there is even a river by her place called the Manatee.

We are praying for all dear souls this morning that this terrible Ian doesn’t hurt them too much.

Incidentally another of Ma’s school pals is called Ian but he’s a good guy not at all like this nasty storm.


Wagging Tail-873

Don’t you just love all these International This Thing and That Thing Days.

Well today being International Sons Day there is actually some hope it may result in something for me.

Like I’m just saying there are still some of those treats of Auntie Marsha’s that would slip down nicely.

The bro will also be getting BACON as part of his requested ULSTER FRY for dinner.

So I’m praying a piece will slip from his lip or maybe a slither of sausage. I’ll stick close and inspect the details!

Regardless I deserve some sort of pampering as I got my staples yanked out of my leg yesterday and it was sore.

So bring on the snacks Ma for both your son and only fur ball we absolutely must celebrate!

Blessing#1474-Any Excuse!

Wagging Tail-872

Greetings Pit Peeps. How y’all been? Have you missed me? I know I’m irresistible.

I’ve been sleeping in late these days as that big ball of fire in the sky is rising after seven. It’s so helpful for my beauty to get those extra minutes of shut eye. I’d recommend it over any night cream. Don’t I look fab? I’ve told Granny she should try it but she still gets up at six!

When the sun does come up it is quite spectacular. Here’s a photo Auntie Denise took yesterday morning that shows just how beautiful it is.

It seems everywhere we’re surrounded by such warming hues at present. There are pumpkins popping up in all the yards and lots of chrysanthemums too.

Our house is also overrun with themed ornaments. Granny is crazy.

Grandpa took it to a different dimension yesterday and even cooked up some of that color! The smell was great. The Gizz and I got wind of it and did a synchronized “heads up”.

We got a few nibbles. His chicken sure is fingerlickin’.

Maybe we should call him Colonel


Wagging Tail -871

Yesterday was Jewish New Year.

It goes on until Tuesday so we can still talk about it. The colors are so beautiful and it’s a celebration of all things sweet. Hope it will be a great year for us all.

It dawned this morning with beauty in the sky and we also have lots of pretty changes of color in the yard.

The plant Ma rescued from a neighbors trash at the beginning of summer is doing so well and is even giving us some pretty little flowers.

We think it’s a Myrtle bush but shout out if you know better.

Our herbs are going crazy.

Ma cut a scallion yesterday, for champ, that was longer than me. Said she’d never seen anything like it in her life.

She was all ohs and ahs and look at this.

The bro and niece and I just nodded and got on with what we’re doing.

Why do old people get so excited about nature when it’s time to eat!!!


Wagging Tail-870

Blind panic is the only way to describe the events of this morning.

We were up at six thirty. Put out the trash, got my brekkie, made the coffee, had a pee and got Dads meds ready and then sat down.

That’s when it happened. It was faster than squirrel chasing.

Ma checked her phone.

Message from Auntie Paula from last night. Reminder to Ma that she is hosting the local business group at 8:00 am.

Heavens. It was 6:50 now and Marion is 45 minutes away.

Pull on clothes, clean teeth, wash face, grab scones, put coffee machine in car as these business types need to be hyper caffeinated of a morning!!! tea is not sufficient!!!!!

Scream at the bro to get up ( I think he thought the house was on fire) and take care of Jaws who must poop as soon as she eats.

That’s was it and in a puff of smoke Ma was out the door.

Ma made it by 7:50. She has a heavy foot!

You know what? No one even guessed for a moment she’d forgotten all about them except Auntie Paula of course who was on stand by just in case!!

Don’t tell. It’s our secret!!!!!


Wagging Tail-869

For over a week now bags of deliciousness have been sitting on our kitchen counter.

They are filled with extra special treats bought for us by Auntie Marsha to comfort me and to reward my “nice niece nurse” in my time of injury and suffering.

Last night because Ma was feeling extra specially sweet and generous after a successful day at the prison with her Kairos peeps she cracked and opened them for us as they are exclusively individually wrapped.

I savored the aroma of the peanut butter paw like a gourmet.

Jaws abandoned both bones briefly to admire the gift but ………..

once unveiled she swallow hers in one glorious gulp. It was an iced bone! You’ll need to trust me on that!

They are magnificent creations better than any human food even pizza!

Blessing#1470-Splendid Snacks

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