Wagging Tail-466

Ma has lost her battle with the deer herd.

In theory her prime line of defense for her flower beds is coffee grounds.

She went out just now armed with two boxes that Dad has been collecting over the past week.

Who did she meet face to face when she opened the garage door with their noses deep in the honeysuckle but the two fawns. Midday madness.

They took one look at her and took off before I could be called to put my nose in.

The rascals are growing like weeds all thanks to our fine nourishment.

Secretly though I know she was happy to see them. She’d seen a dead one down on the main road a few days ago and was worried it was one of ours.

We’ll keep going with the grounds though as it’s decent fertilizer if an absolutely useless deer deterrent. The Gnome is more effective!

Blessing # 1067– Noon Nosh

Wagging Tail-465

My secretary is a tad busy today so I’m dictating my epistle while she has her coffee.

We had a big storm in the middle of the night so the sleep was not ideal. Snuggles were super though but she’ll need a few extra milligrams of caffeine to see her through!

As we’ve only be up for half an hour we are relying on social media to speak for us today.

Auntie Liz inspired us by tagging us with this post which I fully endorse. The sooner I can get out the better.

Auntie Joyce also shared some words of wisdom which we believe are the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Finally we tuned in to Holy Trinity Ballylesson and hit on one of Ma’s favorite hymns.

He really knows what he’s about that wise one. Gave us all we needed for the day!

Blessing #1066-Immortals

Wagging Tail-464

You know that saying « be careful what you wish for ».

Well, remember Ma was moaning last week about how slow things were at the Tearoom?

This week I worked hard on my dreams for her and guess what they were answered. She doesn’t want to look another scone in the face for at least 48hours.

She is also sandwiched out!

Her poor paw cut off enough crusts to make a small mountain. That’s only from the cucumber sandwiches too!

Dad will be croutoning for days!

The week ahead looks like another bonanza and she’s starting on Tuesday to boot!

She took comfort though in the verse of the day that popped up this morning.

Shame about the coffee! Don’t they know heavenly beings drink TEA!

Blessing #1065-Cherubs

Wagging Tail-463

The temperature in Northern Ireland reached a record high yesterday.

All our family and friends are melting.

It’s unusual there so people are not equipped with air conditions and fans like we have here.

I sympathize. It always takes me a while to get used to the heat each summer. You have to build up panting prowess.

You do adjust eventually though. After a few weeks!!!!

What else can you do but strip to the bare essentials and play in the summertime.

Most important is to get your trot in as soon as possible each morning.

They have the beautiful beaches all around that should be great for the weekend. A good old splash in the sea I hear is hard to beat.

Much deeper and wider than my little lake but as they say « any port in a storm or as this case may be in a swelter »

Week ahead looks a tad more normal. Courage cooking critters.

Blessing #1064-Taking a Dip.

Wagging Tail-462

Ma and Dad are having an ongoing argument about my food.

Dad says I don’t like the new stuff Ma got me last time and that I need to go back to my gluten free.

Ma says that with the amount of bread crusts I can eat with no adverse effect I don’t need gluten free and it’s more expensive.

What a penny pincher she is.

See the thing is Dad feeds me in the evening and she’s meant to feed me in the morning. Except Dad feeds me way too much and adds in all sorts of tasties like chicken and beef. He makes it so nice and easy to yummy up the good bits that I leave the kibble to the side. Result? It looks to Ma that I’m over fed as I have still have lots of food in my bowl in the morning.

It’s easier to sort out the meat with the new kibble because it’s a bigger size so it looks like I don’t eat it at all.

Ma has now laid down the law and says it’s kibble only in my bowl!

That doesn’t mean I don’t get the goodies. Dad gives them to me when she’s out of the house! Man am I glad she has that Tearoom not only a source of crumbs but it gets her out of our way.

We men folks stick together.

Blessing #1063-Absence

Wagging Tail-461

Our house is usually quite fly free. These past two weeks though we have been overrun and Ma is on the war path.

She can’t stand them. Says they are dirty rascals and spread disease.

It has become a daily battle and she is armed with a special device.

I have to keep my eye on her as she sometimes gets close to me. It’s a good game.

I sit alert.

Dose off

Eventually I fall asleep.

Until she lets out a mighty roar when she gets one. In the morning though more arrive and the game goes on

Blessing # 1062 -Swat

Wagging Tail-460

I’m dedicating this banter to my cousin Maisie. Her Mum sent my Mum this beautiful photo of her taken yesterday in a real Irish meadow full of wildflowers. She looks so pretty. So do the flowers!

I’ve not met Maisie yet as she lives in Belfast with my Auntie Carol but we do FaceTime. According to Mum she’s « the best girl in the world »

As I’m the « best boy » I’m now jealous.

Maisie was rescued by Auntie Carol many moons ago and so is no longer a spring chicken like me. She inspired my Mum to rescue me as she is so smart and so good.

Her only dislike is strange men. She loves up to my Dad and Bro just fine because she knows them but anyone else look out.

Her affection for men is on par with mine for bicycles. It may relate to our early life experiences.

Like myself Maisie is composed of a mix of breeds that resulted in unusual features. Her most adorable are her large ears that are as big as her tiny legs.

She loves to go car like me and in her hay day could walk ten miles no problem.

These days she gets a little tired after a mile or so so her Mum bought her a pram so she can still go on long rambles with her friends and join in the fun.

I think she has a great Mummy. No wonder she is my Mums Bestie since forever. They even kinda look alike don’t you think.

Blessing #1061-Relatives

Wagging Tail-459

This morning the sun looked perfectly round like a big red beach ball.

Usually when it rises here the star itself is less distinctive and is mixed in with cloud and various hues of orange.

Ma said today’s appearance reminded her of India where some of our family live.

I can’t be sure of that but it was cool for our walk and we went far so now I’m resting under our Chinese side table.

Ma has gone to get the car serviced as it’s well overdue. There’re as many lights coming on as would illuminate a small planet.

She’s taken her book that she’s reading for a second time as she can’t remember the ending.

It’s about East moving West and some ladies getting big disappointments. Not Ma though. Where else would you find an auto repair shop with a pond and deck chairs to keep their customers sweet.

Blessing #1060– Orientations

Wagging Tail-458

We had a wee lie in this morning and didn’t get up until ten past seven. That’s like half the days over don’t you think?

It meant my first trot was one mile only as herself had to get ready for Church.

« Don’t worry Scooby » she said as Dad and her left « I’ll take you out again when we get back »

Usually there’s an excuse or a distraction when she says that and it never happens but you know what she was good to her word. I didn’t have to wait till six we were on the road again at eleven.

Perfection is how you could describe today. Blue sky, gentle breeze and a comfortable 80F.

We did the whole loop. See every road on this map? We’ve walked it.

My tongue was hanging to one side by the time we got home but after a good guzzle I’m great.

These boots are made for walking and I’m hoping herself continues to feel the need to clock up the steps after a little snack and nap.

Blessing #1059-Pawpal

Wagging Tail-457

Ma is feeling low as this has been a slow week at the Tearoom and her clients who’d made reservations for today had to cancel as one of the party got sick.

She says we’re lucky we’re not counting on this to make a living or we’d be on bread and water. I’m basically on that regime anyway with all the crust I’m eating.

It surly puts things in perspective though. You definitely can empathize with people who do count on their small business for their major source of income.

She has of course the Treasure side of things to keep her upbeat.

Yesterday she hit a sale on the way home and found some good things.

One was for Dad. It’s a beautiful study Bible that has lots of maps and historical detail so he’s deep into that and most grateful.

She didn’t get me anything. I thought for a moment that she’d brought be a new squeaky but seems the Pillsbury Doughboy is a retro collectible and not for puppies. When I heard that I went back to sleep.

Today at the store since she has nothing else to do she’s cleaning and pricing her finds.

Some of them look cute.

Some are funny

Others romantic

Some are just downright scary.

If nothing else she she can claim an eclectic range on offer.

Blessing #1058-Diversified