BOOM – At Bougival


Between 2007 and 2010 our family lived near Paris in a little town called Noisy le Roi ( nothing to do with being loud but a lot to do with being a King ). This town had a history, it was the site of the stables of Versailles.

During this time Aaron was a little lad and attended the wonderful British School of Paris at Bougival.

When Aaron arrived at the school it was April and all the kids had found their friends in class and he was a little lost stranger.

Not to worry though because he had the most gracious teacher Mrs Denise Souffi who took him under her wing and mothered him like her own chick.

Denise is still a friend and checks in regularly to see how her Aaron is progressing in fact we were chatting about him today and she sent me this photo. Aaron still talks about Denise too and says she is his #1.

During the period Aaron was settling in he had a few moments that were indeed a little « noisy ». At one of these moments he informed all his class that he was fed up with bloody France.

I was mortified when I heard this and profusely apologetic. Both Denise and the saintly head mistress Mrs Tardival took it in their stride.

Not to worry dear Mrs Tardival said we have all heard much worse than that!

Bougival was  heaven on earth filled with loving people who helped grow each child, at their own pace, into young men and women as lovely as the plants in  the beautiful school garden.

Blessing #3 All Our Teachers for their patience and love








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