BOOM – Bringing Back the Baubles

Having some more time on my hands than usual I was hit by mania on Monday and started to clear the garage.

Well as is normal I suppose when you start to sort out your mess things get worse before they get better.

All the junk piled against the walls had to be move to the middle to put some sense and order in the place.

It is not better yet but we can now fit an extra car in which will come in handy one of these days.

During the rampage many treasures were uncovered and a few mishaps occurred.

The funniest was yesterday when a whole bucket load of Christmas baubles took off down the driveway. It was a treasure hunt to herd them all home.

Throughout the endeavor I was reminded a few times of something I heard some months ago that in Aramaic the language spoken by Jesus the word PEACE and ORDER are the same.

So when Jesus said Peace be with you he was also hoping you would find Order.

I don’t know if this is true, maybe one of you can comment, but it sure was reassuring in the 95+ heat

Blessing #31 –  Finding Order


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