BOOM-Balle Balle Bajwa’s

In the early 1980s Krishna met a young businessman called Jaspal who was working for Nestle in India.

He also got  to know Ninoo who had recently married Jaspal. The couple went on to have two little girls and in 1984 they all moved to Nestle HQ in Switzerland so the friendship got even closer.

In 1985 when I also moved to Switzerland the beautiful Bajwas became my friends too.

Krishna and I were among the first people to meet their son when he was born and really we became like one family.

When we married in Belfast in 1986 the Bajwas stood in for Krishna’s parents and made lots of new family and friends.

We often stayed with them in India and they with us in various parts of the world. They are now in Canada and came to visit this weekend.

It was lovely to see Aaron as a young man getting to know them better too.

He learned some more about their culture. Jaspal showed Aaron how to tie a turban and also the typical Balle Balle Sikh gesture of happiness. What fun!!!

Blessing #69 – Saying Cheers After All These Years


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