BOOM – Bargain Beauty


Do you have any products or services that you recommend to friends?

I’ve shared some with you in earlier BOOMs.

Another one of them is Moroccan  Argan hair oil.

As I was opening a new bottle today it came to mind that we really should acknowledge more the products that do what they say they will do.

This is the easiest thing in the world to use and man does it deliver on its promise.

You rub it into your hair while it is still wet and the comb just flies through it. No need for conditioning with this and literally a few drops will do the trick.

Best of all it gives your hair a lovely smell, a bit of bounce and my impression is your hair dries quicker too.

It is a steal at under five dollars for a bottle that lasts half a year. So get out their and get some.

If you like it let us all know and please also share your secret little favorites.

Blessing # 74– Getting what is promised


2 Replies to “BOOM – Bargain Beauty”

  1. Gillian. I am planning to visit next weekend. Can we meet for coffee or meal? I don’t seem to have your new email but hope you will contact me
    Brenda Harris


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