BOOM – Bowl of Big Boys


The humongous tomato plant that grew in the planter from seed has started to give us a harvest.

The tomatoes are called hierlooms and they are a bit of a funny multi-color and not the prettiest. They have the look of a cooking apple or a russet.

Am wondering, as supposedly tomatoes originally looked like this, is this why they were first called love apples in Europe. Anyone know?

Anyway these critters are very true to their promise and are indeed very BIG BOYS.

The biggest one was starting to pull the plant down so it had to be pluck. It weighs a full pound.

Behind it some other biggies were hiding and were close to being ready to tumble too.

Some have already been eaten and there were phenomenal, sweet and juicy and served along with some good mozzarella, basil and a few chopped onions. YUMMY

Blessing #85 – Hidden Treasure

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