BOOM – Backbreaking


The bench is still a work in progress. Over the weekend some rope was purchased and some decorative braid to make the seat.

Monday a first attempt was made to weave these together into a masterpiece.

It was robust but ugly.

The work was a step in the right direction but that rope hurts. It gave me two huge blisters on the old fingers.


Pain resulted in a brainwave though. Could both additional strength and more appeal be achieved by crocheting the rope into a chain?


Yesterday the fingers were given a rest but today a second attempt to make the seat started.

Well this turned out to be a disaster.  Half way through it was deemed appropriate to test the strength of the seat. It was not nearly as strong as Monday’s effort and I went straight through it. That really hurt!


Next up came the weaving of the braid into the rope. You would think with a grandmother and mother both weavers by trade it would be in the blood. It’s not.

After multiple attempts the only way to describe the work was weak and woeful!


So after three hours plodding out came all the pins and we are back to square one.

Saving grace of today got to use my little sander and paint the bench again. Lesson learned anything requiring this level of patience and attention is not for me.

Blessing #345 – Mistakes We Learn From

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