This should have been an obvious PINK point for me and you’ll see why later, but it wasn’t.

It took a reminder that I received this morning that PINK ribbons representing breast cancer awareness would be a good subject to cover.

The whole month of October here in the USA is dedicated to making sure as many women and men as possible are made aware of the importance of breast cancer screening. There are radio and TV spots highlighting the subject and many high profile celebrities who have beaten breast cancer tell their stories.

This includes the Today Show morning host Hoda Kobt who is an inspiration to many. Not only is she now cancer free she has recently become a mum for the second time. Coincidentally Hoda posted something today on her twitter feed that says it all for how she feels.


The subject is very near and dear to my heart because my granny, my Mum, two of her three sisters and more than half of my many female cousins have all had the disease.

This would indicate a strong genetic component but so far no known mutation has been identified within the family.


Fortunately all but one of those concerned in our family has beaten the disease.

Progress since the days when Granny was diagnosed in the 1970s have been tremendous and now we have such great early screening opportunities and so many different approaches to treatment.

We are so fortunate with our wonderful healthcare to have the drugs and treatments to be able to overcome this but let us remember the millions out there for whom such provisions are not available. As an example in The Gambia only 12% of those diagnosed survive for more than five years!

Who know’s what is possible for the future let’s hope it’s as simple as a vaccination and reaches deep and wide. To get there though we all have to support the cause together.

Blessing # 464 – Fight for the Cure

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