Wagging Tail – 12

The good Governor has announced that schools will remain closed for the rest of the term. Of course everyone understands.

Still it’s hard on the bro as it’s his last year. He has on line classes that he does in the middle of the night but he misses seeing his friends and everyone knows the last few weeks at school are always the best of all!

He’s at work again today so we had to go to school to pick up a sign the district has prepared for all the seniors. I got to meet some teachers and barked at them so they know how much we appreciate all their effort to make this a special time for everyone.

There are many other things going on too for the 2020 seniors. The one I’m most interested in is a free giveaway from a local store called Dipped Donuts. I’m definitely going on that run!

TV too is in on the job with a campaign called Brag About Your Grad. Wouldn’t you know Ma didn’t need much encouragement. She sent in our Graduates photo and so as not to hurt my feelings I was included in the photo too.


Guess what! We were the stars on the 5:00 pm news yesterday and people started phoning to say they saw us. Pity we missed it ourselves! Not to worry though we’re now on the NBC wall of fame. Hollywood here we come!

Blessing 676 – Stars at Last!

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