Wagging Tail- 203

I bet you think that I sometimes make up stories. Well I can promise you I don’t. That’s because with a Ma like mine there is no need to.

This story starts yesterday when Ma went to get some small presents for her men folk for Halloween.

The bro got candy, Dad got socks and I got a new leash. So today I started wearing it!

Ma decided she’d wash the old leash before giving it back to Auntie Denise who gave it to us looking brand new. It was her dear departed doggie’s so Ma thought she’d like it back even if it’s well chewed now.

The leash had been soaking in bleach while Ma and Pa were at Church so when she came back all she had to do was rinse it.

She’d had a load of washing in also while at Church so she stuck it in the drier and a second load of washing into the washing machine and then turned on the tap in the laundry room sink to rinse the leash.

While the sink was filling she went to make a cup of tea and pick up her latest treasure from the garage.

Once she had the tea in hand she started googling about the artist a certain Aleah Koury. He’s quite well known it seems but no matter how much she searched she couldn’t find this particular work.

It better be a masterpiece though because it may well cost her a ceiling in change.

You see while she was deep diving in Google the tap was running and she didn’t realize until the dryer alarm rang some twenty minutes later!

The laundry room was like a swimming pool but worse yet the basement bathroom was flooded too!

Fortunately some of the water from the laundry was flowing though the ceiling into the basement shower but the rest was coming through the AC vent into the bathroom itself.

It took all the available towels and bathroom mats to soak it up. The only receptacle to hand was a laundry basket go she grabbed that but heavens she is not the brightest candle. Wouldn’t you know when she tried to empty it into the shower she poured all the water through the side holes!

I just stood back and smiled!

Blessing # 865 – Extra Clean Floors

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