Wagging Tail- 206

Ma went to the project to clean windows today so she left me with Dad who was making more chutney.

I just slept. It was wonderful.

When herself returned at five she took me out for my evening business and we checked the mail box on the way back.

To my delight there was a gift for me. We had to do a round of the Aunties to see who put it there and discovered it was Karen.

This is now my baby. So many of my pals have their own puppy at home. Now I have mine except it an elephant.

I’m introducing it to all my favorite places.

This is one of my best days ever. I feel I must take care of this little love. Everyone should have one. I’ll even sleep with him!

Ma says she understands that’s just how she feels about me!

Blessing # 869 – Cuddly Critter

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