Wagging Tail- 231

It’s got cold overnight and the snow is now coming which may explain some things. We have a new house guest or more likely a family.

The bro hangs out in the basement. It’s his man cave. He snacks a lot and Ma is always yelling about the mess and that food lies all around the place « we’ll get mice »

Well guess what! As always Ma got it right.

He emerged from underground to inform us that he’d spotted one. That sent Ma into a tizzy of « I told you so! » She is so mean when she’s like that.

He had to fix the traps himself.

I told him my nose was made for sniffing out such critters and I’d be a great mouser. Just look up my nostrils! But herself said no!

I have to keep clear of the basement Incase my tootsie gets caught in a trap.

Zut alors! All I want to do is help and work on my innate talents!

Blessing # 895 – Indoor Activities

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