Wagging Tail- 239

It wasn’t too chilly this afternoon so Ma took me to the Sycamore trail.

It’s at the River Bluffs our closest Metro Park just two miles down the road.

I know my way around there now. It’s the place by the river where all the wild flowers grow in summer.

Right now the leaves have gone and so have the colors in the meadow. Mum says it sépia season and that I blend right in with that tone.

We always see something special on the trail.

It might be a tree with a spooky face.

It might be learning something new. Today it was the meaning of the word Irruption!

What was most surprising on this outing was that we happened on a little statute of two frogs on a motorcycle.

Explain that if you can.

We hope it’s a happy place where an engagement or wedding was held. What do you think?

Blessing # 902 – Secret Spot

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