Wagging Tail-338

It’s rained all day. Don’t know which Saint owns today but he must be responsible for umbrellas. Gives me the curls.

Had to be rubbed down several times. Deeply humiliating.

All the pals in Ireland are sending pics of their holiday. They had gorgeous weather. The sun splitting the skies and all the flowers in bloom.

Auntie Carols camellia is going bonkers. It’s really gorgeous. I could fertilize that if I was close.

Just have to concentrate on the daffodils for now. Ours are still tiny, hardly out of the ground really.

In Ireland though it’s full daffy season. In pots and fields they are everywhere. So bright and beautiful. Soon and very soon we are going to see ours too. I’m working hard on them!

Blessing # 1039 – Promises

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