Wagging Tail – 340

I’m all smiles because today Ma took me back for the first time in a long time to my favorite trail at Emily Traphagen Park.

No one was about so I got to run free and got a tad mucky. The old leash suffered but is now getting a wash.

It was so good to sniff those trees and have a reminder of days past and those familiar twists and turns on the trail.

The birds were out in force but they were the only noise we heard apart from Ma reciting her poems and such.

I could almost repeat some of her favorites myself. Frost is frequent in the woods and what can you expect at this time of year with buds about but a bit of Wordsworth.

She says she’s so grateful she had to learn poems at school. They stick with you for ever.

She also resurrected this week a part of the Order of Morning Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer called the General Confession. It was for a discussion at her Lily Circle.

I heard it a few times this morning. She had learned it as a child by weekly use and now has got it off pat again.

Next up on her to do list is Portia speech from the Merchant of Venice. She never learned it before by heart before but wants to in memory of her Mum who loved, and often used, the first stanza. Mercy Mercy Me what enlightenment!

Blessing # 1041 – Repetition

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