Wagging Tail-342

Ma shoved me in the car this morning at 8:00 and took off in the wrong direction.

I had a feeling of great apprehension. The car was stuffed with boxed so I couldn’t even ride shotgun.

My instinct proved to be correct.

After a stop to deliver socks to the prison we took off again.

Next stop said Grooming! Heavens. I knew I was a hot mess but prayed it would not mean I’d have to be shorn to the skin.

You will be pleased to hear all went well and in spite of my many knots and tats Miss Kathy was very sweet and did a beautiful job.

I really look very handsome and surprisingly slim.

I wasn’t even worried when I heard Ma setting up an appointment for me to make a return visit in six weeks.

I’ll even look forward to it. A good bit of pampering never hurts anyone.

Blessing # 1043 – Beautified

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