Wagging Tail-344

So I’m feeling fine and frisky once more yet was subjected to another day of rest and recovery as herself had a hot date with a window cleaner.

You can tell things are approaching a grand finale when people start detailing.

Well Dad and I did laundry and snacked a lot on cookies until herself return.

She did a rapid turnaround though as he trunk has stopped functioning properly. The trunk hatchback door all of a sudden became like a lead weight so she’s away again to see Mike at 42 Auto.

Weird and wonderful the things that can go wrong with a vehicle. I’m becoming quite the expert on automotive transport.

Four paws are much simpler than four wheels you never have to worry about gas unless you’ve been on the beans!

I understand though the need for the motorized vehicle they take you a little outside your comfort zone and are great for adventures

Blessing # 1045 – Quick Fix

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