Wagging Tail-358

Auntie Denise is back from Oregon which is a mercy because Ma and had to catch up on all her news so I got a decent trot early this morning.

After that the Sphinx moved more than me.

Dad and I were left home alone once more as Ma went to meet the Director of Public Health to have him assess her step up. He gave her the thumbs up. Hallelujah!

After that Auntie Laura came a hundred miles to help Ma with picture hanging. She is really super smart and handled this like a professional. Seems she’s had lots of experience.

While Laura was busy Ma did a little laundry. Having no washing line or dryer she strung her lace on the fence.

Bet people did that back in the day. All in keeping with the old place

Blessing # 1059 – Art & Old Lace

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