Wagging Tail-360

My Mom was crying this morning. We were watching the news as usual when suddenly there was a special broadcast. Prince Philip had died at the age of 99.

Mom loves the Royal family and is feeling so sad for the poor Queen who will have to go on without the love of her life and biggest supporters. The Prime Minister of the UK made a very touching speech and was clearly close to tears too.

Mum and Auntie Laura were again working at the house. Aunt Laura brought a beautiful surprise a whole perennial garden. She planted it too after she’d hung more pictures and cleaned the one remaining carpet.

Taking pride of place in this new garden are butterfly bushes. They were Aunt Laura’s Moms favorite.

MeMe passed away two years ago almost to the day so I never did get to meet her but by all accounts she was a beautiful person. Certainly she also raised a very beautiful person in Aunt Laura.

For sure the Queen will be remembering Prince Philip tonight and all the years they had together.

Let’s hope he’s already met a few butterflies up above and maybe even Meme.

Blessing # 1061 – New Creations

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