Wagging Tail-380

My poor Ma was apoplectic this morning at 6:00.

She was meeting the Public Health director at 9:00 to update her food service application license and discovered she didn’t have a “back flow” device.

Fortunately one of her guardian angels Eric the plumber dropped everything and came and installed it for her this morning.

Tyler, another angel, aka the public health director then came and checked everything and apart from changing some light bulbs and getting some rubber coving fitted she is good to go.

Angels 3&4 Brian and Chris will make sure that’s done Monday so by next week she’ll be taking bookings for her tea parties and be an official purveyor of teas and treats.

You know though that it says “it never rains but it pours” well it was like a monsoon today. One of the windows in the space Paula is renting for her boutique started leaking. We had to sop it up with some old curtains that had been preserved to clean up paint. Please pray we get no more rain till the window gets fixed on Monday.

There were lots of good things today too. After all life is a balance.

Auntie Carolyn came and was our first customer. She bought treasures and took tea. She also took Ma’s pic to show it’s not a dream and then Paula took one of the two of them sipping and snacking.

Soon after came Donny and Barb bearing gifts of tea itself and then came Catherine and Auntie Denise.

To end the day in came a beautiful bouquet from Auntie Lori. It’s perfect on the front desk for the official opening May 1.

So tears of sadness turned around to tears of joy with the help and love of many angels.

Blessing # 1081 – Great Guys and Gals

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