Wagging Tail-382

It was a very confusing morning. Ma played mailman on our walk posting her cards for the tearoom in neighbors boxes.

When we came back Dad was all dressed and ready to go. The deal was that the bro was to take him and me and bring us back home.

The bro changed his mind as he has to work at 2:00 so we men folk had to stay back at the ranch but the signs are up and the doors are open at the store.

Seems Ma had a good turnout at the opening but is glad it was her friends who were there and not customers she didn’t know as she had a few hiccups with her tea strength and getting the teacups and spoons sorted out. The spoons she had to use at one point were as big as the teacups.

Anyway that’s what friends are for helping iron out the creases in the operation.

This lovely sign Miss Mickey made is what it’s all about!

Blessing #1083 – Tea Test

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