Wagging Tail 396

I sit and stare at my Mom in the same way most mornings until she gives in and takes me for a walk.

When we are not meeting Auntie Denise it is more difficult but now she has work she has to be on the ball pretty swift.

This morning she got diverted by an internet discussion about of all things the best Tea. She plumped for her Moms favorite a good Irish blend.

She’ll have to import it for the store.

She left pretty soon after our walk with a haul of mint that she is using as a floral arrangement. Says it’s in keeping with the tea theme. Well whatever works for the woman works for me.

That wasn’t her only plan though. She’d spotted a sign for an auction yesterday just around the corner from the tearoom and just had to spin past. Hum!

She wasn’t there five minutes until she snagged a huge haul of old LP records for a dollar. The auctioneer didn’t even make her get a bidding card he was that glad to get rid of them.

Seems they smell a bit dodgy but the mint might mask that and apart from this minor defect she thinks she did good. There are about forty of them.

She has them all priced and sorted so let’s see. Even if she sells none they are decorative in that sort of « you are entering a different time zone » sort of way.

I’m just so glad she doesn’t bring these Treasures home anymore and that I don’t have to deal with all her nostalgia!

Blessing #1097-Under the Hammer

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