Wagging Tail-409

You would not believe the swing in temperature we have had.

It was 90 on Wednesday and this morning it was 45 with a wind chill making it feel closer to freezing. Second coldest May 29 on record.

Now I know I’m speaking in the Fahrenheit scale but still, have you ever in all you life heard the like of it? 45 degrees of difference in three days!

Ma had to dig out the woolly jumper and put on the winter coat for our trot. She choose the grey so we are matchy matchy! Give me strength!!!!

Was I glad I still had some hair on and hadn’t had that grooming.

For once I could even have handled the winter fur back on myself.

Wouldn’t you know it too that it’s Memorial Day weekend when all the pools are meant to open.

Anyone fool enough to dive in will not need to be faint hearted. Wouldn’t even be enticed myself unless a sausage was thrown in.

Wonder what happens to Cicadas under such circumstances. They’re cold blooded. Maybe this will knock them out like that meteor that did in the dinosaurs.

Blessing #1110-Thermals

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