Wagging Tail-431

Poor President Biden is not having the greatest Father’s Day. Champ has crossed the rainbow bridge.

My Dad was devastated when my predecessor Dibley died.

He was his closest companion for so many years.

Mum acted quickly after he went to heaven and got me.

The Queen also had a recent loss of canine kin. Her puppy Fergus who was gifted to her by Prince Andrew this spring along with his sibling Muick took some rare illness and went up above too.

Just last week Prince Andrew got her a new puppy who still hasn’t a name.

The President has of course Major to keep him company but maybe he’ll get a new puppy too.

For sure all these four legged loved ones, just like our human loved ones will be watching over us and waiting patiently for us in that wonderful playground on high.

In the meantime I’ll take good care of Dad

Blessings # 1032-Pup Parents

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