Wagging Tail-433

I’ve had a wonderful day so far. It’s so cool. I even felt the good of my coat this morning. I won’t have it long for long as herself has me booked for a chop next week.

Just as long as she doesn’t get any fancy ideas.

We went for a long trot as we weren’t gasping and we saw all our critters having fun. The geese were lined up on the side of the pond preening themselves. There are at least two dozen if them. They ignore me totally.

We also saw about a dozen chipmunks and bunnies. They were all so frisky because of this cool weather.

We’ve just had lunch. Ma is into something different these days. She has a hankering for peanut butter and celery.

The green stuff is for geese and mammalian herbivores. The peanut butters not bad though. Lacks a little meatiness but the caloric density suits my taste and it sure sticks to the roof of your mouth.

Ideal for lingering loveliness while we snuggle down for a slumber.

Blessing # 1034 – Palatability

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