Wagging Tail-442

I’m rather late today as I have been to my coiffeuse.

It’s true I needed treatment as you can see from this shot of Ma and me taking off this morning.

There was a seriously large and vocal Alsatian in the beauty parlor when I arrived and I tried my best to leave immediately even pulled my own collar off. Ma would have none of it. She insisted I stick around with all the other clients and abandoned me.

Thereafter is a blank.

It for sure involved bathing and snipping and some snarling too.

Fortunately no canine in the salon was as large as this babe we saw hanging out a car window in the way home. I’d have found someway to escape if that giant had barked at me. It’s like a lion!

With my handsomeness firmly reestablished I couldn’t be happier as we took the long way home.

It’s pretty as can be right now with the wild flowers in bloom and the corn growing as you watch it.

We passed a few magical places like one called buttermilk hill. Next time we must make a stop. For sure there’s good dairy products to be had around there.

Now I am home and dry, well watered and fed in feeling fit as a fiddle.

Blessing # 1043– New Me

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