Wagging Tail-444

Happy 4th y’all. Your getting an extra long epistle for the occasion. We had to hold on to this number just for today.

Facebook memories are great but they can give you terrible nostalgia for the old country.

Mother is dying to eat fish and chips since this popped up. Says the stuff here’s just not the same as “home”.

I’d help given half a chance.

The bro enjoyed the food on that trip too.

It’s been nearly two years since they did their UK tour.

I wasn’t even around then.

Maybe one day I’ll get to sample all that fresh seafood.

For now it looks like I’ll have to stick with my latest treat which you may have guessed is outsourced from the tearoom.

Bread crust! Herself brings it home by the bag load. Our fridge is coming down with it.

Since there’s such an abundance of it she’s generous with her portions so I just crack on and enjoy it. Dry or not. Keeps me quaking. If I complained she’d give it to the ducks.

This morning we got an Independence Day card from Pastor Dave with some lovely critters eating strawberries.

It inspired us to use up not only our crummy crusts but also the leftover milk and cream and strawberries that hadn’t been used in the high teas this week.

Now this is not a portable potion so not a treat I can have on the move.

It’s a lot tastier though than your average crust and very festive looking too.

God Bless the good old USA

Blessing # 1045-Fourth Food

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