Wagging Tail-475

This morning a whole slew of my Ma’s pals had birthdays. She sends them all a little Facebook message that eats into my walk time even though all see does is copy paste from one to another.

I just stand and wait and stare out the window and dream of my own birthday next month.

The funny thing is that two of these pals are Indian gentlemen some thirty years apart in age. They’ve never met. One is living in California and the other in South India.

Two others were pastors wives and their husbands had been pastors in the same church some twenty miles from where we live but twenty years apart in the time of their ministry.

What are the chances of these things happening and that they are all friends of Mums.

Ma said it must be an alignment of the stars and an auspicious day.

She left for work super early as she had a full house at midday. That shortened my walk even further.

While she’s delighted to see the parking lot completely full I have informed her I’ll be expecting a special treat on my trot this evening otherwise I’ll eat Nala and it won’t be such a happy day after all.

Blessing #1076– Cake and Candles

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