Wagging Tail 473

Ma was up to her old tricks this morning.

We went round Cardinal Hill with Auntie Denise and we spotted a big pile of things set out already for trash collection tomorrow.

This included some spectacular plants. With no exaggeration each one of these containers must have cost $200!!

We speed walked home so Ma could get the vegetation into the car and back to our yard before anyone else decided they had potential.

Now they are up on the pillars of our patio!

Can you believe someone would throw these away. It’s only mid August. They can keep on growing till end of October.

Chances are even then they’ll keep going just like the ones she dived on last year that are healthy and happy at the front door of the tearoom.

She winterized them in the window. It’ll be like a Victoria Palm house this year if she brings these latest specimens inside!!!!

I had to resuscitate the tike on the return as the walk back home was so swift.

We are now kipping together with the bro as it’s his day off.

I can handle this and have explained to my niece she better get used to my Mom’s philosophy that there is no shame in the rescue treasures that cross our path. They were destined for the TLC that only we can give!!!

Blessing # 1074-A Mans Junk

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