Wagging Tail-481

Ma and me had a lie in till eight this morning.

As soon as we got up we heard the tike talking. She was scraping the door of the bros bedroom.

We entered in spite of his sign. He’d taken off leaving her to her own devices

Ma was apoplectic with anger once more but could do nothing else than take care of her.

In spite of our progress and pawshakes in recent days, when we went for our walk she got in my face so much I had another go at her.

Yet another scratch on her face!

She redeemed herself on the return by pulling out a raw hide bone from the pantry. Ma had left the door ajar when she went in to get her things to make scones.

Another battle then ensued over the bone.

By now Ma had had enough.

She got each of us a busy bone. They are not meant for puppies but she gave the tike one anyway under close supervision.

I have been scolded sufficiently now but the whole scene was rewarding when you think I got to nosh that whole thing in peace.

Blessing #1082-Busy Bones

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