Wagging Tail-487

Today I’m reflecting on the benefits of eating breakfasts as I ponder whether to dive in or not! If I don’t do it when I’m given it these days it’s pulled from me before my niece is released to common quarters.

Ma used to eat my breakfast everyday when she was going to real work. Now as she has constant access to food at her hobby lobby she eats it only if she’s hungry.

That’s like me. I eat only when I’m in the mood. I just nibble throughout the day. I know that sound self righteous but it’s just the way I’m made. I’m not a gobbler!

The tike though eats everything that’s put in front of her with tremendous speed.

As you may not believe the rapidity with which she can down her brekkie here is a record that is not playing on fast forward.

I’m planning to enter her into competition!

Now here is the irony in this matter. Over the past week I gained more weight than she did. Those treats that Dad and me sneak must be laden with lard as for Ma’s scones they must be made of lead!

Suffice to say Ma is back to porridge.

Blessing # 1088-Regimes

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