Wagging Tail-498

I was unable to communicate with you yesterday as my secretary was otherwise occupied.

My Dad got sick and had to go to hospital at 2:00 am. Ma went with him and left me with the bro and his kid.

He gave us a few short trots for the necessary business and later he took the tike to stay at her Granny’s and left me home alone.

He brought Ma home really late when it was dark so I got no walk with her all day! So I paid her back this morning by slipping my leash and chasing a BMW for half a mile.

The driver was raging and herself was fierce angry with me. She also ate the face of the bro. Told him our house stinks of dog pee and that she wants it spotless when she gets back tonight from seeing Dad.

Poor soul has had a gazillion test and is getting loads of injections but is much better today than he was yesterday.

I’m glad because he is good company for me and my major treat provider. I hope he is back home soon

Blessing #1099-Diagnostics

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