Wagging Tail-502

I’m in the deepest of dog houses. It’s like a pit!

I got a bit over excited this morning and got entangled with the coffee pot cord.

The pot fell and broke and we had glass and coffee and grounds everywhere.

Ma was furious. Fortunately she’d had two cups or I might have been exterminated.

To make matters worse it was pouring outside but Ma insisted we had to go out to do our business so we all got soaked to the skin

The tike was shaking she was so wet. She’s not equipped with a coat like mine. We have both been well washed that’s for sure.

The bro pretended to be sound asleep. He is smart at times. I may need to take a page out of his book.

The good news on this smashing soggy day is that Dads colonoscopy shows no cancer!

Blessing # 1103-Cleaned Out!

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