Wagging Tail-505

I got myself into very deep trouble yesterday afternoon..

This man came to our front door with all this cool equipment that I wanted to inspect.

What did Ma do? Locked me and the tike up together in the bros bedroom and said she had to concentrate.

I concentrated too on half murdering the niece as I was so miffed.

The fight continued when we were released. Ma said she was disgusted with me and screamed so hard I nearly had heart failure myself!

I am still annoyed but after a long walk this morning I’ve decided to let the niece live.

So now she is sitting hiccuping on Dads lap giving me the evil eye and I’m watching CNN.

It’s very repetitive. Maybe I’ll get her to play a little tenny soon! She is useful for something. In the meantime a little snooze.

I haven’t slept so well in the past week which might explain my vicious mood! I might wake up angelic just like my old self.

Blessing #1106-Normality

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