Wagging Tail-514

It’s world animal day so I was expecting extra special treatment and some TREATS too.

I thought we were off to a good start last night.

Call the Midwife season 10 started. So the tike was sent to the bro’s room and I was given a huge rawhide bone so Ma could have her « complete peace and quiet »

This morning while herself was on the phone sorting out Dads meds I had a go at the demonic darkness who was kissy kissying up to my Dad.

Ma lost it! Took me by the scruff of the neck and threw me out.

I had to stay in the screened porch for twenty minutes all by myself. It’s like solitary confinement!

You can still smell whats going on in the kitchen though. The mother was trying an experiment for the tearoom and I could smell all this yumminess.

When I got back in my mouth was watering so much I created a slip hazard!

Not a morsel did I get. Not a single crumb!

Until that is the bro surfaced and was directed by our fearless leader to try the production.

He put one of us on either side of him and tucked in. He learned about sharing snacks from Dad!

I am now on best behavior hoping for a munchie all of my own. Ma says you just « Dream on Sunshine ». So much for a special day!

Blessing #1116-Testing Time

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