Wagging Tail-526

Prior to the arrival of the Behemoth I had a very refined eating pattern.

I was given my bowls of fresh kibble and water at breakfast time and nibbled on them throughout the day.

Dad would top up what was left at dinner time and to amplify my appetite he’d add morsels of tender meats and gravy!

All that is now out the window.

Ma fires a bowl of dreariness in front of me as soon as we rise and says « get it into you quick son before the monster stirs »

I can only manage what is needed to maintain life it is so boring.

There is no waste though. Big ears eats everything I leave in twenty seconds flat and then thats it till Ma gets back from work.

People who pay for this type of dietetic torture need to get a Nala never mind NOOM!

Blessing #1127- Hunger

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