Wagging Tail -529

I’ve had a super day.

Walk, scone making (two broke yum yum), car ride, and just now an hour long snooze with Mom followed by some snacking with Dad.

Ma and I are reading the Just So stories. She’s never read them before even though they are much older than her which makes them ancient!

They are of an ideal length to take you off to the land of nod. Today’s was a « how the leopard got his spots ».

The stories are sort of a shortened version of the theory of evolution but beware if you read these stories they contain some very offensive racist language.

Our edition is an old one, a reprint of the original first edition that we found recently at a sale maybe these bad bits have been modified in more recent publications.

I gotta run Cinderella is stirring. She is dropping shoes
all over the house so I am called to do my princely duties. I am a classic hero!

Blessing #1150-Editing

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