Wagging Tail-532

Ma is hard to annoy on a Friday although the tike is trying her best to make her mad. Don’t let innocent looks deceive you! It is demonic!

She took us both for a walk in the rain while the white washing was in. Since it takes 70minutes we got to go far far away.

When we came back she had a quick soak and then took off for work all smiles.

This is because she knows that there will inevitably be garage sales to visit.

The mental telepathy between us is so strong I can tell you already that she snagged some great treasures.

A collectible jar for Beanie Money that I trust means snacks!

A book on First Lady Florence Harding that should sell fast since she lived just across the road from the tearoom.

A boxed set of LPs for Christmas time. Not long now till I get my annual megabone from the one in red. Bring it on big man!

Wonder does he go to the lost horizon? Ma thinks she found a gem with this LP. The sleeve is a work of art!

Looks like a swell place .Maybe he could take the monster there and leave her!

That would be such a gift! Is this adequate correspondence?

Blessing #1133-Letter to Santa

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