Wagging Tail-548

Nala here your favorite Pitty Pups!

I am happy to report that I have matured to the point that Granny has promoted me to sous-chef!

I was assisting my uncle Scooby in the kitchen during the bake off this morning.

We worked on floor cleaning and quality control of new inventions.

Now this may already exist somewhere in the universe but it is new to our repertoire.

We invented the cocktail scone.

These are teeny weeny one bite versions of the afternoon tea classic.

Ideal for parties they will be split and topped with strawberry jam and cream at upcoming ribbon cutting and Victorian Christmas events!

We also made starry shortbreads that are so small I can swallow them whole.

Happily some got scorched so we had to eliminate them from the production. I inhaled quite a few!

They are hard as nails perfect for sharpening teeth for future demolition work.

Blessing #1149-Tasters

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