Wagging Tail-556

We usually fill our two red recycling bins each week and only have one small trash bag for the landfill.

Nala obviously has observed and learned that this is important for the environment. She watches absolutely everything.

Yesterday Ma was working all afternoon and so was the bro so the tike was secured in her kennel in the brother’s bedroom.

When Ma got home after tending to us and eating a quick dinner she had to rush to a meeting.

The niece was nicely chilling and quiet after having had her kibble and a quick outing so Ma decided to leave her with me and Dad. Ma just hadn’t the heart to lock her up again.

BIG mistake.

When she got back two hours later the first thing that greeted her was a big empty soda bottle in the middle of the floor.

No sign of Nala.

Up the stairs she went only to find more empty bottles on the landing.

Where was the niece? Had she started cleaning too!

She was uncovered deep in the recesses of the brothers bedroom literally buried in rubbish.

She’d got into his laundry basket and demolished underpants and socks and then got into the hidden stash of snacks he keeps under his desk!

She was swollen like a balloon.

A full extra large pack of popcorn gone not to mention a family size bag of potato chips and of all things a bag of candy floss.

Such was the extent of the two hours of work that we dared not take a photo of it lest it might cause the weaker among you to pass out.

If she continues like this we will have no need for rubbish bags at all. She is a living incinerator.

Only she can transform trash into fertilizer in less than twelve hours!

Blessing#1157-Green Goddess

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