Wagging Tail-597

To give you some perspective on my life you need to understand greed.

The nemesis just cannot be filled.

After three cups of kibble she was at the worms again this morning on our walk. Clearly that didn’t suffice.

When we got home we had a good fight and she tried to eat me until Dad hit the roof. You can tell he’s getting better because he’s shouting louder. He always takes my side. He can’t stand her. Good taste my Dad.

So Ma tries to calm the situation and give each of us our Nylas. She is concerned about Dads blood pressure.

Well Mega just can’t get along and chew her own she has to have mine too.

She steals it.

She lies on it.

Worst of all she slobbers all over it and tries to eat two bones at a time.

Fortunately I’m more interested in my guarding duties than in pet chewies!

There is series concern though about my well-being.


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