Wagging Tail-599

It’s funny the way things pop up together to point your thoughts in the same direction. Just like a GPS!

This morning our auntie Lesley sent us a photo of her grand puppy who’s is visiting her in Northern Ireland. She’d travelled all the way from London for Christmas.

Next up on Facebook memories a photo of our predecessor Dibley appears on one of his memorable trips. This one was four years ago when he went to New York for a midwinter break. He’d been all over Europe that rascal and twenty states in the USA too!

Next up appears one of Dibley’s fancy dancy relative wishing us happy new year. She lives in Holland and is a champion. Dibs was of royal lineage.

The furtherest I’ve been is Texas where I was born and from whence (don’t you love when you can use old words) I was rescued by the awesome Canine Collective.

Since then I’ve not been further than Cleveland and as for it she hasn’t been further than Plain City where she was born. You could ride there on a bicycle if you fancied!

This COVID business has really rocked all our vacation plans and now with Dad hooked up to the good old O2 we won’t be far travelled.

Guess we’ll just have to sit here like Darby and Joan and get used to being jealous and watching All Creatures Great and Small and dreaming of trips to parts unknown.

Blessing#1200-Virtual Travel.

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