Wagging Tail-680

It’s the spring equinox as you all know but we can’t see the sun here as it’s all yucky wet and cloudy.

The only thing on my horizon is a dark spot that I’d very much like to erase.

I’m feeling excessively grumpy this morning and wish to just lie here and huff.

Ma says I must buck up as it’s International Happiness Day.

I need to be thinking good kind HAPPY thoughts about how my Aunties and Uncles in Ireland must be enjoying the sunshine they are having and that our rugby team won the Triple Crown!

She also says since it’s the feast of Santa Claus in Florence I should not forget that the man in red is watching me.

This may impact the delivery of treasures around the time of the winter solstice.

So I suppose I will just have to grin and bear it and walk with the every bouncy beast and reflect that the sun is out there somewhere even though we can’t see it.

Blessing#1281-Hidden Treasure

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